2 Cycles (2014.42 and 2014.43), 100 Regional Cells, and significant Anomaly values at stake towards the #Darsana Anomaly Series. It's time to move.

XM Anomaly Report: On Sun, Nov 2, a global instability lasting two Shaper Septicycles (2014.42 and 2014.43) will begin. The instability will end on Mon, Nov 17, and will have a profound impact on the #Darsana Anomaly Series. 

#Darsana 03 on Nov 15:
New Orleans, LA, USA http://goo.gl/fvv5sv
Oklahoma City, OK, USA http://goo.gl/LxA2XL
Santo Domingo, DO http://goo.gl/wlGmJI
Virginia Beach, VA, USA http://goo.gl/yvPYai

Darsana Global http://goo.gl/g4nLra
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