Earlier, Ken Owens announced the Recruiter Medal to reward Agents for activating and mentoring new Agents. On your Scanner, tap OPS > RECRUIT > Recruit Agents. On desktop, open the Intel Map at https://ingress.com/intel and click Recruit. Starting today, when new recruits verify and reach L3 or higher, Agents will unlock the following Medals:

Bronze: 2 recruits
Silver: 10
Gold: 25
Platinum: 50
Onyx: 100

Additional recruitment codes are being deployed to all active Scanner devices, so stay tuned. Note: Please confirm your invite is sent to the same Google or Gmail account that your recruit uses to sign in to Ingress.

Bring your new recruits to Ingress: First Saturday on Feb 7 to welcome them to the Agent community, train them on Scanner basics, and work towards your next Recruiter Medal.

#Darsana Tokyo photo by Agent +Hideari Hayashi.

#IngressRecruits #IngressFS
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