Agents have decoded the following information from dead drops recovered during #Helios 01 and 02 in Dublin and San Diego. 40 XM Artifacts. 2 Target Portals (1 per Faction) that destabilize and rematerialize around the globe. The combined 866M MU will soon begin to decelerate the effects of the Portal Virus, and securing the Artifacts should restore Portal Decay to former levels.

This document was recovered at the Helios Anomalies last weekend.
There are many Agents and Investigators involved in its collection, assembly and release. I don't know who all of them are, but I am grateful for each of their efforts.

Based on the content on this document, it seems a permanent cure to Devra's Portal Virus may lie in the future. In the interim, +Devra Bogdanovich's message yesterday revealed that the actions of Agents worldwide to raise the Global MU above 700 Million has begun to take effect. It's likely that the effects of her initial deployment will experience dampening in the very near future.

But, both with regards to these 'Artifacts' as well as Devra's continued work at the CDC, great challenges lie ahead.

Having seen what I've seen since I joined this Investigation, I know one thing.

The tenacity of +Ingress Agents is an unquantifiable force. It will prevail.

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