Missions encourage Agents to explore local Portals and Field Trip Waypoints, to revisit the paths of earlier XM Anomalies, and to test their knowledge of the +Niantic Project. Some of our favorite missions include hacking tours of Rome that retrace the Roman Imperial Army’s marching path, haunted ghost walks in Monterrey, and Nine Views, a scale model of our Solar System in Zagreb. Up to now, access to the Mission Authoring Tool has been limited to a small number of Beta Testers. Today, we’re opening the Missions Closed Beta to verified Agents L9 and above. For more info, check out the help article at http://goo.gl/B7jFSj. +NIA Ops will be in touch with additional Beta Testers shortly, so stay tuned.

Complete a mission today, and share your favorites with the #IngressMissions hashtag.

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