On November 15 Ingress celebrated its second birthday.  Over these last 730 days, Agents around the world have collectively redefined the meaning of the term ‘video game.’  Not content to let life pass by while sitting on a couch, Ingress Agents have traversed the globe on foot, by bike, car, train, ferry, motorcycle, scooter, skateboard, helicopter and airplane in pursuit not only of Mind Units and Portals, but also of new friends and experiences.  We at Niantic Labs have been on this journey with you, rediscovering the places we live and work, and the places around the world we’ve been fortunate enough to visit while working with you to create this unique new experience.  For that, we thank you.

It’s been a busy two years.  Ingress has been downloaded more than eight million times in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. Agents have traveled more than 126,000,000 kilometers (78,000,000 miles) while playing the game, a distance equal to roughly 327 trips to the Moon. More than 52,000 Agents have attended live events in 281 cities around the world, and Agents have logged more than 178 million Portal visits and have discovered more than three million new Portals around the world.  

The self-organized, interconnected worldwide web of Ingress Agents continues to amaze and impress us with feats of globally organized mega-fields and epic ops.  And we continue to work hard to bring people together through our lineup of events including the brand-new Ingress First Saturday (#IngressFS) meet-ups, specifically designed to welcome new players into the game in a friendly and fun atmosphere.  We’re looking forward to the next round of First Saturday events on December 6 and to the Q4 Ingress Season Finale - ‘Darsana’ - to be held in Barcelona, Spain; Charleston, South Carolina;, and Tokyo, Japan on December 13th.  For a complete list of official meet-ups and events, check out the Ingress Events page: https://www.ingress.com/events

We look forward to celebrating more milestones and continuing this journey together.  Happy Birthday, Ingress!

- +John Hanke 

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