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Geek Chic for the Win!
Geek Chic for the Win!

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Need a little push to make it through the upcoming semester? Here are my 5-best tried-and-true strategies that got me through college!

#studying #college #tests

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Do you know about Kratom team and all its benefits?

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How do you keep your eyesight strong & healthy? Here are a few ways I do it!

#health #eyes #eyesight #uvrays

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Belly fat is stubborn but some small changes can make a huge difference to stomach definition.

Here are my 5 health tips that contribute to toning your tummy!
Tell me your tips. :)

#fitness #health #exercise

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#Coachella is a millennial’s paradise! 😍💫🎉

Make sure you enjoy your Coachella weekend to the fullest with these handy tips.

#celebratelife #party #musicfestival

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Working out at the gym? Here's a few tips to make that #workout that much better!

#gym #workworkwork #fitness

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We often forget that our #bedroom is the place of rest and #tranquility. So we add electronics, harsh lights and create a room where we just can't relax. Well, it's time for a change! Take a look at how I made my bedroom a haven of #relaxation.

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Have you damaged your hands with rough gym equipment? Time to learn how to protect them! Here's my short guide on how to pick the best gym gloves.

#gym #gymgloves #fitness

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Looking for a fun but simple game to pass the time? Check out Oceanario! I'm a little obsessed. <3

#games #onlinegames #iogames

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What do you wear when you're out playing golf? After all, the right outfit can have you looking chic and improve your swing. Take a look at these tips on women's golf wear!

#golf #golfwear
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