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Erika Šimková
Always with smile :)
Always with smile :)

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♥ Year 2015 ♥
Hey everyone! I know I haven't posted here anything for ages BUT I decided a long time ago, I'm gonna make a totally new blog and I will start from the beginning. This one has a good history since 2012 but it's time to move on. It's gonna be pretty hard to ...
♥ Year 2015 ♥
♥ Year 2015 ♥

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Destiny.. Do you believe in it? I do and i also believe,
everything happens for a reason. To some of you, it may sounds like a stupid
thing about which is just everybody talking about but for me, it means a lot.
I know, everything around me means to happen ...

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Everybody needs an inspiration, everybody needs a song..  This place is very inspiring for me. I'm just walking down the streets, looking at the houses around, smaller & bigger, short ones & taller ones, older or even modern. All of them have some kind of s...

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Heey everybody! WELCOME TO DENMARK! Thats what i said to myself when i landed
at the Cpenhagen airport 11th of june at around 6 pm.  We came earlier and had a good flight
with wifi on a board. Seeing the Copenhagen from the window of a plane
made me smile. ...

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At least something :D
Heeeey everyone! Yeah, im still alive - surprised? . Well, the bad news – havent
posted anything last few months but the good one is, i passed my final
exams, which i was studying really hard for what means i finished my
secondary/high school (whatever you ...

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Milan, Italy
Welcome everyone in a year 2015. Dont worry, I know its
already February haha. I just havent posted anything since New Years so
thats why im saying it. Not everything is going the way it should and my
writing is not too. I spent New Years Eve in Milan and s...

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HEEEY!  Hopefully everybody is fine and positive :). Its been a while,
i wrote something here. I know i said, i will post here
more often but you know, sometimes its just happenin too much in a short time
and then you dont know what to do first. And that wa...

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Have a break!
Sometimes we feel like we have quite a lot of it, don't we? From time to time I do, for sure. Anyway, what i want to say is, that we shoud take a break! Take a day off from school/work, just chill (or in my case, finish something important to school lol) ca...

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Ahoojte! Takže v momentálnom štádiu sa cítim tak, že príbeh ktorý som sem začala písať asi pred pol rokom, nedokončím.. Zabralo by mi to veeľmi veľa energie a času, čo momentálne nemám, aj keď energia by sa našla.. Takže nateraz končím s príbehmi, aj tak ic...

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Po dlhom čase, aspoň niečo, hoci po anglicky :D Afteeer sooo long time! Something in English this time, what am I thinking about right now? :) Isnt it crazy, if u have some friends, wo can make u laugh
even if u are talking about nothing at all with them? J...
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