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Pankaj Desai
A fellow traveler in cyberspace
A fellow traveler in cyberspace

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Glittering lights in that house...
Suddenly heavens opened up that evening. The Professor was totally unprepared. Rains were torrential and his consulting hours had just ended. He had just got ready to go home and the rains started to pour down in sheets. He waited for some time, his car-dri...

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Oxygen, Metamorphosis and Preeclampsia: Amazing Nature
Amazing Nature In our
perception when someone talks of amazing nature, the reader almost always feels
it must be something with natural scenic beauty around us. However being in the
field of research and academics for three decades now, I have found natural...

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A Teacher In Life.....A Teacher In Death
A Guru - A teacher There was a
complete chaos in the classroom. It was our second MBBS undergraduate lecture
room. As we waited for the teacher to arrive and start the lecture expected disorder,
fun, frolic, noise and mischief ruled. Absolutely neglecting t...

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Recurrent Spontaneous Miscarriages:latest BEST SELLER in Obgyn
About the book: New and latest edition of this best-selling book titled Recurrent Spontaneous Miscarriages has just been published and has already been declared The Best Seller in obgyn. Extensively overhauled, profusely illustrated and interlaced with clin...

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I am sure you will like this blog and some comments on it

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Blood Relatives…WHO?
“Sir there is a rupture uterus. She is looking very
pale. We are arranging for blood. The anesthetists have been called” – it was a
typical call from one of the junior doctor on duty from the  labor  room in the
middle of the night. Such calls instantly awa...

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