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Aboard the higher education ocean liner in a sea of changing affordances, and... wait, what is that? Looks kind of like a big white mountain, only...
Aboard the higher education ocean liner in a sea of changing affordances, and... wait, what is that? Looks kind of like a big white mountain, only...


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I’ve mentioned before that Facebook seems to have a hard time grasping that it is a commercial entity rather than a government or a civic space. In his statement today, Mark Zuckerberg compared placing some controls or vetting on the ads it runs to prior restraint. “We don’t check what people say before they say it and I don’t think society should want us to. Freedom means you don’t have to ask for permission first.”

And in Harvard's faculty offices, many faces are being palmed.

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How To Disable Comments & Reshares On Your Profile Pic

First you need to view your profile.

1.) On Your Profile, Click Your Profile Picture

Next, you will see the 'lightbox' view of your profile pic. Unfortunately there is no options to change your settings in this screen. Click the reshare icon in the bottom right.

2.) Reshare The Post Privately

So, you need to reshare the post, privately to yourself, in order to get to the original post of your profile pic. (You may skip this part if you already have a link to the 'post' from a notification.) Select a private audience, collection, or simply yourself from 'see more' in the audience selector.

3.) Refresh and go to "Originally shared" Post

You will need to refresh your profile to view the 'new' privately shared post. There you will see the second line of blue text at the top of the new post indicating it is a reshare.
If you click that text link, it will take you to the original post. Even if you did not actually share your profile photo as a post, this post will exist, although it's unlikely to be displayed on your profile.

4.) Click on Post Options and select disable Comments and Reshares

Once on the original post you will be able to click on the 'post options' (three vertical dots in the top right). Where you will have the option to disable comments and reshares.


You may also wish to consider doing this with all past profile pics, or alternatively, you can quickly delete all your older profile pics via the Google Album Archive. Though the archive only gives options to delete, or download images, no other settings are located there:

options and screens may vary slightly using the mobile app, this tutorial was created using the desktop interface

We hope you have found this useful. If you do require any assistance or support using Google+, then please visit the Official Google+ Help Community:
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Could be a bit of an issue in 2018 if Perez & Ellison don't take it seriously...

#elections #race #AfricanAmericans #women
New Survey Shows That Fewer And Fewer Black Women Believe The Democratic Party Really Cares About Them

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Great schnozzolas all around in this #healthcare cartoon :-)

h/t +Mari Thomas via +Cara Evangelista
The same terrible GOP healthcare plan dressed up! Need 3 NO votes to kill it. Ctch your Senators (202) 224-3121 B4 it's 2 late!

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#RIP one of the more interesting Felix Leiters...

Cc +Terence Towles Canote +Tim O'Brien
h/t +Laura Gibbs
I haven't seen anything on any of my feeds/streams/timelines about Casey's death.

This will rectify that omission.

You might remember him from James Bond films (as Felix Leiter), "Revenge of the Nerds" (as U.N. Jefferson), or "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" (Mr. Ryan, the teacher who asked "Who was Joan of Arc?"). Those are the ones I recall the best.

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And vanity peaks! Lol lol

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A case against being too excited about #GoogleApps (especially #GoogleDocs).

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In my queue. (And yes, it is a long queue—I have an outside life these days. But eventually I get there...)

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