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fibrosis (CF) is a genetic disorder that affects mostly the lungs but also the
pancreas, liver, kidneys, and intestine. It is produced by a mutation in the
gene encoding the regulatory protein transmembrane conductance cystic fibrosis...

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THE RAVEN CYCLE The Raven Cycle is a book
saga, written by the English author Maggie Stiefvater, that is composed of four
books: The Raven Boys , The Dream Thieves , Blue Lily, Lily Blue and The
Raven King . A few months ago, I read the first one in English...

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WE WANT US TO LAUGH FOREVER Humor, the tendency of particular
cognitive experiences to provoke laughter and provide amusement, affects how we
perceive andrespond to life. It enhances the quality of life and may relieve
the body from so many health problems....

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A WEDDING AND STAIRS, NOT THE BEST COMBINATION  (some stories based on the video below) Once upon a time, not far from here, a wedding took place in a small village. Love and happiness were flying in the air while bride and groom found a lovely place to cel...

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 CARDBOARD HEAD  Our philosophy teacher showed a short tale, in class, called "Cardboard Heard". Although it may seems to be a little bit childish at first, it isn't. This tale teachs so many important things in spite of being so short. Because of that, I w...

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This blog is a little bit dead, right now.  But, we will try to post some things very soon. Bye

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'The circus arrives without warning'
LADIES AND GENTLEMAN , WELCOME TO LE CIRQUE DES RÊVES , THE ONLY CIRCUS IN THE WORLD THAT OPENS AT MIDNIGHT AND CLOSES AT DAWN. LE CIRQUE DES RÊVES isn't an ordinary circus. There, you won't see an ordinary tent but many differents tents with many different...

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Minions xD
WHAT  ARE MINIONS? Small yellow beings,  created with the same mutant DNA's chain (Looking for the perfect workers, they were created by a  mix of mutant DNA, fatty acids and two cups of mashed bananas) ,  who was living on Earth since before humanity...  W...

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INTO THE WOODS: Be careful what you wish for...
THE WOODS  “Into the
Woods”   is a new
musical fantasy film directed by Rob Marshall and produced by Walt Disney
Pictures, that has been released a few days ago.  It's based on  the acclaimed Broadway musical with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim....

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Temple Grandin: different, but not less
TEMPLE   GRANDIN H i friends!! A couple weeks ago I saw a WONDERFULL film called Mary  Temple Grandin ,  I just fell in love with this masterpiece. This film tells the amazing biography of  a woman with autism named Temple Grandin , who I didn't know before...
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