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Jay Rowlingson

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We've started to update our brand and of course, we begin with the logo to determine the direction. Logos are more than just ways for people to recognize your business, they tell a story. And ours is no different.

1. The name T!NG came from my old roomie Val when she was writing a book and used me as a character. She had a couple of names for me, but once she said Ting, I fell in love with it decided it would be the name for my design company.

2. When it came to the colors, I went with the color Gem. Gem was the color that came my good friend Brookster as she was choosing colors for her apartment. We had gone over a bunch of swatches and when both saw the Gem, we knew it was perfect. So perfect, that it is now the color in the logo.

3. The reason for the new cursive font comes from the tribute to my creative best friend Jen as well as my Dad. The old logo was more bold, which I'm a fan of, however, it was time for something more timeless. In fact, the entire reason I became a designer was because of type. I was always fascinated with it and my dad has amazing cursive handwriting. I guess that's where I picked it up as a kid.

Thank to all that have influenced me and my company. I'm happy to introduce the new T!NG Creative logo. 

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Take a look at our new site... Just in time for Gasparilla. Get your orders in by January 18th, Midnight EST!
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