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SEM - Search Engine Marketing
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SEM - Search Engine Marketing

SEM - Search Engine Marketing  - 
*SEO, SEM and Content Marketing Tips!
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Content Hubs: How to Beat the Big Boys Online
If you're surrounded by mountains of #SEO competition, build tall...

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Semantic Search – Why This is the Evolution of SEO! - "...With recent changes to Google’s search algorithm (Panda, Penguin and now Hummingbird), the focus of SEO as we know it has changed drastically." ...Read more:
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The History of Social Media Infographic!
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“Social Media is the Heart Of Internet Sites “

The term social media are used to describe internet sites in which and where people interact easily, sharing ideas, getting information and discussing about all the multiple topics in a common places and these interactions include such as Photos, Music, Videos and Multiple mix of Personal Words .

Social media appear many forms including Blogs, Forums, Game Sites, Social Networks, Social bookmarking ,Message Boards, Digital Storytelling and Scrap booking, data, content, image sharing, Video sharing, and podcast portals etc..
#Socialmedia #Socialmediamarketing #History #Internet

See here the brief infographic of social media history : 
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SEM - Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization Tips  - 
How To Earn Money from SEO [Infographic]
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This is a bit different from the norm. Shame about the spelling mistakes.
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"...Content marketing is the new SEO — for the most part. That means, getting found online, even getting your ads to show up on the first page, relies heavily on content marketing. Content marketing also develops your reputation and gives buyers a reason for choosing YOU over your competitors." ...Read more:!B9L4Z
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Why content marketing? Content marketing is the new SEO — for the most part. That means, getting found online, even getting your ads to show up on the first page, relies heavily on content marketin…
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Completely agree most people miss this one
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Implementing Authorship with G+!
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Great Community To Boost Your Website With Authorship for Better Search Engine Visibility! Feel Free to Share!
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Author Rank & Google Authorship
Optimizing Author Rank and Google Authorship
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Building Blocks of Content Strategy [Infographic]
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Understanding the Content Strategy
To enlarge image:

Are you wondering, how to create a stellar content marketing strategy and generate the buzz you are looking for?

With social media and search working as the gateway to influence on today's consumer, creative content is imperative to boost a brand's exposure and organic search relevancy.

Whether you have a new campaign to launch, and upcoming event, or you need enterprise-level assistance, the following infographic from +Gage can guide you through and help you make a difference on any scale.

::|| The building blocks of of content strategy ||::

Know yourself: Clearly understand and define your content strategy objectives.

Know your audience: Clearly define end-users, their goals, behaviors and desires.

Know your content: Know what you have and what you need in context of business and user goals.

Set your plan: Strategize by audience, channel, location and you users' position in the customer experience journey.

Execute your strategy: Understand that you are engaging users for the long-term. Be willing to commit.

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#contentmarketing #contentstrategy #contentmarketingtips  
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Universal Analytics - For our multi-screen, multi-device world!
#googleanalytics   #seo   #google  
Universal Analytics: Out of beta, into primetime

Universal Analytics is the re-imagining of Google Analytics for today's multi-screen, multi-device world. Our big announcement today: Universal Analytics is out of beta, with the same robust set of features you're used to in classic Analytics. Learn more about the changes:

Below, an example of the new cross-device reports, enabled by the new User ID feature, that lets you see the full customer journey.
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Commandments of Content Marketing [Infographic]
#contentmarketing   #infographic   #seo  
Content marketing involves more than just blogging. #infographic   #contentmarketing  
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Social Media Analytics!
#socialmediamarketing   #business   #seo  
Social media analytics involves measuring, analysing and interpreting the interactions and associations between people, topics and ideas within social media domains.

Social media analytics can be a powerful tool for understanding how people react to different elements of a social marketing campaign, dispersed across countless online sources.

For brands and businesses across all industries, social media is no longer becoming a critical communication tool. It has without a doubt already cemented itself as a core aspect of any marketing and communication strategy. And for the social media managers and the related people behind powering the social media marketing campaigns, analytics are critical for building an in-depth understanding of how the social channels are performing.

In the past few years, businesses have often rushed setting up social media campaigns and often neglected sufficient research and planning.

About 94% of all companies now participate in some form of social media to promote their brand, engage with customers and complement their other marketing initiatives.

To be successful, businesses need to define their social media goals and know their online audience.

Check out this infographic by GoodData that highlights the fact that social media is a marathon, not a sprint...

Read full article:

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#SMM #Analytics #SMO
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