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I just wanna say I'm happy to be here. But I'd better enjoy myself. I'm looking at you, PAUL.

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Just a few hours left to submit something for the 200-Word RPG Challenge. Just submitted mine: Dungeon Crawl, a straightforward dungeon romp. Storm a dungeon: with story!

I was doing Games On Demand at #GottaCon this past weekend and facilitated two games of Hope Inhumanity. Both groups enjoyed it a lot. The second game went too well for the players: not a single death and no conditions at the end of the fifth round. (Unique Trait cards in the final deck build will fix that, for the most part. We had two Hunters, for instance.) They also played well, had quite a few "no Humanity rolled" cards between the two Rivals, and made judicious use of the Hope pool. When we talked about it afterwards, we realized they hadn't failed a single roll. I saw them put 9 dice into a H3 at one point!

Anyhoo, they were all excited to grab their own decks.

I awoke in the middle of the night with a single searing thought:

Hope In Your Manatee

And then I fell back asleep, but not before scrawling it recklessly on the notepad I keep beside me for just such occasions.

This might be an odd question but I'll give 'er a whirl. I'm travelling across the States from east to west (sticking mostly to the south), and while I'm wandering, I'd love to help out GoD some more. I had a great experience at Gen Con. Might someone have a list of dates and locations of GoD venues for the next two months (Oct 15 - Dec 15)? I'd alter my travel plans to attend and help out, should dates/venues roughly sync up and be within driving distance. Cheers!

Had three games of Hope Inhumanity last night -- two in a row, and then the last after another game as a change of pace. The two playing with me were my brother and his former roommate, both mathematicians (statisticians). They both love boardgames but aren't tabletop roleplaying people. I came away with two pages of feedback notes, which I'll write up below. (Note that it's 95% their feedback; I gave some ideas as alternatives to existing rules/interpretations.)

High Level: Overall, they enjoyed it. So much so that despite having two or three other games as options, they came back not only for a second a but third game. My brother said this morning "I'd totally buy that game."


1) Some Scene cards need to be marked as Mandatory; they cannot be refused (but they can still be passed off using a trait). The ones that I noted were The Arm Has to Go, Medicine Thief, Lost Food Pouch, Kidnapped!.

2) Asset cards: If it's a personal item (Can Opener), you can be refused its use. If it's a larger or more group-friendly-use item (Horse or Mutt), anyone can use it.  . . .  except for those who Refused support in the Scenes that resulted in obtaining them! This means Assets need a designation for Personal or Group.

3) Really need a token or counter for Asset card uses. If not, mention using dice as counters (might have been in the rules -- no internet, so no ability to reference)

4) Really really need a token or counter to track rounds.

5) The "Wagon" Scene card shouldn't mention a shotgun. Everyone wanted to know where the hell the shotgun was. Also, it shouldn't be a wagon -- just an emaciated horse, loaded with a few supplies or whatnot. A wagon that can't be used without the horse is not really an asset, so it shouldn't be an Asset. Remove that card entirely.

6) What's the drawback of refusing a Scene? What stops players from constantly refusing Scenes to get Humanity?

7) "Deadly Mosquitos" has a clarity error -- my bad! "They" is ambiguous in that it could reference the children, not the doctors. Obviously the children aren't refusing meds to the players.

8) Mutual Disgust Relationship: if one of the players only has 1 Humanity and uses it to support the other player, he loses 1 Humanity due to the mechanics of the Relationship. Is that player now out of the game?

9) Best Friend Relationship: How do you save someone from a Humanity-related death? Do they get a Humanity back, or . . . ?

10) Reading a Scene card: Step 1 of drawing a Scene card ought to be to read it silently. Then choose to refuse. Do not read aloud. An issue arose as to whether, after reading, a player could discern the mood of the other players and thus chose to act knowing he'll have support. This seemed wrong. So refusal has to happen -- no one knows what's on the card except the acting player.

11) Rotten Food Scene card: needs to be taken out or rewritten.

12) Limited-use Asset cards: does the timer tick down one when a player refuses a Scene? We said yes.

13) Harm / Hunger terms: Put those words on all of the Hungry/Starving and Hurt/Crippled cards at the top, half font size. This way, when those rubric terms are used, they still refer to those cards, regardless of the specific side showing. Clarity issue and ease-of-use issue.

14) Scene card perspective: I think we need to rewrite all Scene cards to be representative of being read out loud. We use "you" but we mean "I" (the acting player). Was a bit confusing. Not sure why I never noticed this during prior games!

15) Freeloader Trait card: play only after the acting player rolls.

16) Blessed Trait card: do not reiterate the rules on the card. That stumped my brother. "Don't I already know this rule?" Yes. Yes, you do. :)

17) If Shifty is used, the player it's used on cannot refuse the card given; it automatically becomes Mandatory.

Whew. Lots of good stuff there, I think. Like I said, they had a blast, and all three games were quite different. In the first game, my brother's friend was Rivals with me and had Mutual Disgust with my brother. We thought he was screwed. Nope. He won. Lots of great surprises and down-to-the-wire Round 5 awesomeness! Really looking forward to running this at Gen Con.

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