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Paul Baldowski
Game writer (PARANOIA, Maelstrom), Reader (history, scifi), Tea Drinker, Game player
Game writer (PARANOIA, Maelstrom), Reader (history, scifi), Tea Drinker, Game player
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Some Tales From The Loop at IQ Gaming in Huddersfield.

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Played my first session of Tales From The Loop this week and had the weirdest experience. Great game - but the first time ever, in all my time as a GM, that someone has referenced triggers and the possible need for an X card.

It is one of those games.

Playing as pre- to early teen kids in the 1980s; with distant parents, tedious school work, peer pressure and bullying... It never occurred to me that treading this ground would obviously rake up all kinds of feelings - many none of us would want to revisit.

As I say, great game - a lot of fun; but, potentially, quite raw and painful.


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Well, +Fil Baldowski​ seems to have done well. She's claims she'll share, but...


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Your #VAM is glorious, +James Raggi​.

Under the counter, as expected, but glorious.

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I'm Lawful Good. My sons... Dangerously close to Chaotic Evil. Mostly they're Lawful Evil.

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Too much as a desk ornament...?!

+Just Crunch

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Begegnungen sind nie eine exakte Wissenschaft. Mit Sicherheit sollte man niemals als Spielleiter einfach nur raten oder direkt die Angaben in einem gedruckten Abenteuer verwenden, um die Höhe der Herausforderung festzusetzen, die sich die Gruppe stellen muss. Als Spielleiter hat man eher die Vorstellung davon, wessen sich die Abenteurer stellen können – oder wessen sie sich stellen möchten, wenn sie eine Wahl haben.

#Symbaroum #deutsch

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Always nice to read a positive response review of the Dracula Dossier.

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I ran two sessions of Operation Header, one of the adventures included in Covert Actions at UK Games Expo over the last weekend, using The Cthulhu Hack. Excellent adventure - went down very well.
Covert Actions for World War Cthulhu Cold War: Pre-order now:

"The summer of 74 burned hot. I remember being stood on that beach, soaked in blood, the Mediterranean sky wider than you can imagine. The smell of 630 and cypress and burning tyres. I remember turning away from the carnage we’d been ordered to wreak. I remember seeing the Others coming out of the water. I remember a voice louder than God screaming. I don’t remember anything after that."

Agents of Section 46 may be assigned almost anywhere on Earth, to carry out objectives for which they are unprepared, with minimal material support and no official sanction. They may have to perform acts that leave them psychologically scarred, consumed with self-loathing or growing ever-emptier inside, unable to maintain healthy relationships, only connecting with fellow human beings as covers or as preludes to betrayal.

They will be in regular physical danger, evading those who would arrest, torture or kill them, forced in turn to inflict pain and suffering on often-undeserving targets. And then there is the truly unpleasant side to their work…

Covert Actions is a collection of six ready-to-play scenarios for World War Cthulhu: Cold War, the 1970s espionage setting for Call of Cthulhu.

• Puddles become Lakes: A routine, if unpleasant mission to silence a nosy journalist proves more complicated than first thought

• The Forcing Move: Reality crumbles around the 1972 Reykjavik World Chess Championship

• Cadenza: The Turkish Invasion of Cyprus echoes with deep secrets and hard choices

• The Guardians of the Forest: East Timor Descends into bloodshed and atrocity, and agents find themselves forced to decide which enemy they must defeat.

• Operation Header: The Arctic holds more than abandoned Distant Early Warning listening posts.

• The Unclean: The agents are activated to investigate a death cult in Moscow. What could possibly go wrong?

Written by Chad Bowser, Matthew Dawkins, Scott Dorward, Nick Robinson, Matthew Sanderson, and Ken Spencer

Illustrated by Scott Purdy, Jon Hodgson, Sam Manley

Covert Actions requires the World War Cthulhu: Cold War core setting book and Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition to play.

Suggested for mature readers

Pre-order now at the Cubicle 7 web store and get the PDF free.

Order at a participating Bits and Mortar retailer and also get the PDF free.

Or alternatively simply pick up the PDF today!

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Well, writing on The Cthulhu Hack v1.5 definitely got started. That's all I can say for the moment.

If you want to hear more and see regular updates, hit Join on The Cthulhu Hack Community page!
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