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The Neo- Kalashnikovs
The Neo-Kalashnikovs | Auckland Sibling Rock Band
The Neo-Kalashnikovs | Auckland Sibling Rock Band

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Jazzy Hip Hop - E.P
A live record I engineered in Avondale inside an Industrial warehouse.  It's unpolished and raw but has a sweet vibe.

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I doubted she knew of my existence.
I saw her on rare occasion with her flowing  locks and sharp Roman features. Whenever she appeared her devoted friend was  always at her side. I envied her friends privileged proximity to the woman of my hearts desire. Even more so the generous lavished upo...

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The Perils and Joys of being a Pedestrian in Auckland
It’s almost frowned upon to use ones legs in Auckland to get
from a to b. Menacing socialites barely able to see over a steering wheel
drive with their foot to the floor rushing to pick up their trim milk late
while the peasants of the path graciously hobbl...

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Scurrying Ants
My mind and spirit soar brushing the vaulted ceiling. The music in the stadium propels us all into a blissed out  state of being. It feels as if my skull has been opened up wide causing me to lose all control of my brain. I begin to feel woozy  and terribly...

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Foraging for Money
My hands dug through the snow looking for money  We wanted our due and thought it not funny  That some fool had left our cash buried in ice  Without our modest wages we could only eat rice  The men despaired doubting their pays existence  I remained calm aw...

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Desperation had brought us all together. We had similar motivations for why we did what we had to do.  Some of us had no job prospects, others needed more money for family, while others simply wanted a  break from the languishing monotony of life. We did th...

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But always remember the only place that truly matters is inside you
What are you running from a nd do you have any real hope  Of out running it  why not be brave  stand tall and slay the murky inner demons that congregate in your foolish thoughts at night  Haven't you heard the glistening sword of clarity is the greatest gi...

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Powerless as a bee dies
I saw the worst thing today A trapped bumblebee slowly Eaten alive. The poor thing was lost looking For an open window to escape Into warm air Instead it crashed against a musty windowpane knocking itself unconscious spelling it's own doom The bees golden b...

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My heart will shatter like stained glass flung from the heights of heavens window
There's a part of me that loves you madly  While another side of me never shows it sadly And how I wish it wasn't so that my love for you hides  like a hungry bear sleeping in a forest shrouded in mist   Alas, you are a fine woman to whom non compare  kept ...

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A Poem for my Mother - 'Drunk with Grief"

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