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Hank Christensen
San Francisco Bay Area photographer specializing in landscape, bird and wildlife photography (you know, the kind that brings in the big bucks!)
San Francisco Bay Area photographer specializing in landscape, bird and wildlife photography (you know, the kind that brings in the big bucks!)

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A desert tree silhouettes against a sunset sky, Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia.

I captured this tree silhouette at the peak of a glorious sunset in the heart of the Namib desert. I spent some time with this tree, crafting the photo. I wanted to reduce the tree to a graphic form against the beautiful colors of the sky. Because the tree was reaching to the right, I oriented its trunk to the far left of the photo so that it is reaching into the frame and up and over the distant mountains.

After taking a look on the computer, and doing some basic processing, I was really happy with it. That is until I showed it to my wife Kerry, and was met with a frown and shrug of the shoulders. "It doesn't really do anything for me," was the response I remember.

Now to give a little bit of background, Kerry has a great eye for photography and is certainly not one to heap praise where it is not due. As surprised as I was by her reaction, I knew I needed to pay attention to this critique because of her impeccable taste. So what went so wrong?

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Evening clouds turn to fire over the mountains north of Azhagappapuram, Tamil Nadu, #India.

I took this photo on the final day of a fantastic trip to India last year. I was in the state of Tamil Nadu, at the southern tip of India staying with my friend Frans. The village in which he grew up is just on the far side of this small lake, so I only had to travel a few minutes from where I was staying to get this shot.

I had been eyeing the sky for a few days, hoping for some clouds at sunset that would catch the last rays of the day. Luck was with me for my last evening in town, as the clouds started to build in the afternoon.

Unfortunately, I did not get the still water that I was hoping for, in order to create a reflection of the southern most expanse of the Western Ghats. In typical southern Tamil Nadu style, wind was whipping across the water at great speed, creating small white caps (definitely NOT what I was hoping for!) In fact, this area is known for its expanse of wind farms, which should have given me a clue that waiting for a calm day was likely an exercise in futility.

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Afternoon light provides enough blue in the sky to compliment the reddish-orange of the dune, Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia.

In this week's post, I explore how to use a location's stories to guide your photography. What better example to use than the spectacular orange dunes of the Namib Desert in Namibia.

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Check out my latest post about encountering several of the shy Indian Giant Squirrels. These guys are over 3 feet long, tip to tail!

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I am happy to announce a re-launch of my photo blog with a modernized theme and the following features:

+HUGE images
+NO watermarks
+NO ads!
+Responsive design to optimize mobile viewing
+Featured image on posts

Click around, check out the images, and let me know what you think!  I'm sure there will small tweaks needed, so let me know what you want to see.

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I’ve finished processing my photos from a trip to Namibia, Africa last year (yeah, sometimes it takes a while to get everything processed). Here is a gallery of some of my favorite shots.

It was a truly amazing trip, as I was lucky enough to
+Watch endangered black rhinos congregating around a waterhole in the dead of night
+Walk among the tallest sand dunes in the world (over 1000 feet) in the world’s oldest desert
+Witness a rare lightning storm in the desert as thunderclouds rolled over endless dune fields
+Visit Deadvlei, an ancient river valley dotted with 700 year old desiccated tree husks in the heart of the Namib desert
+Drive 2500 miles (mostly on dirt roads) over 11 days, see a good variety of countryside
+See the desert-adapted bush elephants of Damaraland

#Africa #africanwildlife #Namibia #wildlifephotography 

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A rare rainfall turns the giant dunes of the Namib Desert wet, forming patterns across the dune’s massive face, Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia.

The crackling of distant thunder woke me from a deep sleep at 4:30 in the morning. Instantly wide awake, I looked to the floor-to-ceiling windows to see flashes of light behind the thick drapes. I made my way out of the door of my bungalow to the balcony overlooking a wide expanse of the desert valley. Suddenly a lightning bolt ignited the night sky, silhouetting the 1000 foot dunes in the distance.

It was my last morning in the middle of the Namib Desert in western Namibia. I stood on the balcony in awe of mother nature’s light show. Lightning continued to split the sky as pregnant thunder clouds rolled across the endless dune fields. A dry cool wind was whipping across the desert floor, bringing respite from the African heat. All at once, the sky opened up and I stood in one of the most impressive downpours I’ve ever witnessed. This land receives only 10 mm of rain each year, and here was buckets of water drenching everything to the horizon.

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A red-vented bulbul perches on a small twig, Mudumalai National Park, India.

The red-vented bulbul is common across the Indian subcontinent and has been introduced to other locations such as Hawaii, Fiji, Argentina and New Zealand. In fact, this species can so easily establish itself in new locations it is included in the list of the world’s 100 worst invasive alien species.

I came across several of these birds over the course of just two days, a couple of which I managed to photograph.

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As with each new year, we reflect on what the previous year has wrought. Although this last year has been difficult for many, I would love to share some of the beauty of what this wonderful world has to offer. Please enjoy my top 100 photos of the year in the link above - a mixture of landscape, wildlife and bird photography.

Happy New Year to all my friends, and here's to a glorious 2017.

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A male red-headed finch carries nesting material, Windhoek, Namibia.

Red-headed finches are a medium sized finch with a beautiful feather pattern on the body. The males display a bright red head, while the females have a grayish head with slightly duller body colors.

I came across a wild colony in Windhoek, Namibia, where it appears that they took over a set of old nests abandoned by some kind of weaver.

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