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I put together a list of Twitter names of CodeMash sponsors to make easier to thank for great conference on Twitter:!topic/codemash/4AFiOz2xB90

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Wow what a week. I knew this year is going to be great. 

In addition to the incredible CodeMash conference happening this week, there is also a lot happening in Cleveland. 

See my blog post: Cleveland Technology & Social Media Meetings Mon 1/7-Mon 1/14

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It's great to have a vision of something you don't know how to do and then do it!!!

Knowledge gained.

I just announced 30 Cleveland meetings/events for this week.

Please take a look and re-Tweet those that you want others to see. Thanks.

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I got on Twitter because a friend suggested I had something to contribute.

Now, 10,292 tweets later, it's fun to see my first Hello World tweet from two years ago today:

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DVD The Social Network "the Facebook Movie" just ended.

♫ Baby you're a rich man ♫
The Social Network Final Scene

This is the second time seeing the movie.

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Does anyone when or if Google Plus will work with foursquare iPhone app?

Last night at Panini's in West Park for @burningriverdev mtg. Family picked Panini's Mayfield for dinner tonight.
from Panini's Bar & Grill, Cleveland
foursquare • 8/19/11 7:15 PM

Moon is about 3 hours past full. The Space Station will be seen in 10 minutes. Go look!

In Chagrin Falls with 
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