Granny Weatherwax
High Concept: There's the Mother, The Maiden, and then there's the... third one, an' that's me.
Trouble: Power Corrupts (The Call of Black Aliss)
Aspect: Headology
Aspect: The Land Remembers

Good: Clever
Fair: Careful, Sneaky
Average: Flashy, Forceful
Mediocre: Quick

Borrowing: Once per session Granny Weatherwax may subside into a coma-like sleep (gaining the "I Aten't Dead" aspect) while she roams abroad borrowing the body or bodies of nearby animals.

I Don't Have Time For This: Once per scene Granny Weatherwax may defer a physical hit of any amount until later. She may wait for as long as she likes but for each scene after the one in which the hit was inflicted she gains a point of mental stress that won't go away until she takes the hit. Ignoring the natural laws of cause and effect lies the way of Black Aliss. When she is ready Granny can will the hit to take effect at which point it is applied immediately. Even if her stress track is clear when the hit is applied Granny must use a consequence to absorb at least part of the damage.

Headology: Because Granny Weatherwax is a mistress of psychology she gets a +2 on rolls to Cleverly create advantage when she makes people believe she has used magic to help them.
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