Quantum Leap

My boyfriend and I have been watching all of Quantum Leap recently and it occurred to me that you could run a really fun game based on the show. With a cast of five I reckon you'd split the players as follows:

One Leaper
One Hologrammatic advisor from the future
Three people playing significant people involved in the leap

Some of my players have said before that they enjoy playing random NPCs almost as much as or more than they like having their own character, so this would be a pretty interesting engine for them.Three players who portray the main antagonists or complicating factors for each leap. You could however have other players being the support team back in the future.

And for fun, here's Dr Sam Beckett as a Fate Core character:

High Concept: Genius physicist and Quantum Leaper
Trouble: Leaping from life to life, trying to put right what once went wrong
Aspect: Sensitive 90's Man
Aspect: I have five doctorates (and know as many martial arts)
Aspect: Anachronisms are bound to happen

Great: Lore
Good: Fight, Rapport
Fair: Empathy, Athletics, Physique
Average: Will, Notice, Stealth

Because I have a photographic memory I get +2 to Lore rolls to create advantage relating to things I've seen before.

Because I have a swiss-cheesed brain while I'm leaping, I can conveniently find out from Al that I'm an expert in a given field even if I didn't realise it before. For example, I'm an excellent pianist. This gives me permission to declare a story detail once per session that will help me with a skill needed for the current leap free of charge.

I can ask Ziggy to give me the odds for various outcomes or the results of historical events. This gives me a free victory point at the beginning of a relevant contest.
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