Fragmentation Grenade

Following my discussion with +Paul Vencill and others on split-second timing of events and the like, we were talking about hand grenades and how the timing of their detonation might be handled. I thought I'd separate this out into its own thread. So, with no further ado, here's our friend Mr Fragmentation Grenade.

Detonate!:  Good
Weapon: 4
Notice: The grenade has the same Notice as its thrower. It explodes in the exchange after it was thrown (presuming the pin is out).

Stunt: Explosive Personality - When Fragmentation Grenade attacks with the Detonate! skill it deals damage to everything in the same zone (and ceases to exist). 

Stunt: Cook Out - When throwing the grenade the player may opt to delay his action and cook the grenade for up to three initiatives before throwing it.

Cooking the grenade gives it +1 Notice per initiative spent and increases the difficulty of the Create Advantage roll to throw it by the same amount. While the character is cooking the grenade he is considered to have the aspect of Cooking A Grenade which can be invoked or compelled as you can imagine...

Placing the grenade in a given zone requires a Create Advantage action with whatever skill you use for thrown items. Success or a tie places a situation aspect/boost of GRENADE! on the target zone. Failure places the grenade aspect in your zone and your enemies get a free invoke on it against you. Not creating the aspect is unfortunately not an option.

Invoke(s) on the Grenade aspect represent perfect placement (or bad placement) and can be used to increase its Notice, your defence against it, or the result of its Detonate! roll.
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