Jeff Winger
High Concept: Selfish Lawyer
Trouble: No Law Degree
Aspect: Master Manipulator
Aspect: Daddy Issues

Good: Clever
Fair: Sneaky, Flashy
Average: Careful, Forceful
Mediocre: Quick

What We Learned Today...
Because Jeff is a Master Manipulator, once per episode he can deliver a moving soliloquy and roll Clever at +2 to create an advantage relating to the Study Group being a close-knit group of friends. This provides each of the group a free invocation (or two on success with style)

Free Rides Are The Best
Because Jeff is a selfish lawyer he gains +2 when he sneakily creates advantage to avoid work.

Abed Nadir
High Concept: Film Maker and TV & Film Buff
Trouble: Socially Awkward
Aspect: Genre Savvy
Aspect: Troy & Abed In The Morning

Good: Clever
Fair: Quick, Flashy
Average: Forceful, Careful
Mediocre: Sneaky

If This Were A Movie
Because Abed is genre savvy he gains +2 to cleverly create advantage when he can fit what he's doing into the framework of an existing film, TV series or trope.

Water Off A Duck's Back
Because of Abed's unusual mental and social makeup things that would offend, upset or mentally wound other people often barely affect him. The stress caused to him by any mental hit is reduced by 2 before he applies it to his stress track.
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