Allomancy In Fate Core
Here's a quick version of Allomancy from Mistborn done in Fate Core - this shows how flexible the system is, if nothing else. This will make little sense for those who haven't read the Mistborn series but this extremely spoiler-laden Wikipedia article may help.

There are eight well known metals:

Steel pushes on metals, Iron pulls (Fast burning)
Copper hides Allomancers, Bronze reveals them (Slow burning)
Zinc enflames emotions, Brass depresses them (Fast burning)
Tin enhances senses, Pewter enhances the body and dulls senses (Slow burning)

Most allomancers can usually only work with one metal, making them Mistings. The ability to work with all eight makes one a Mistborn.

Creating An Allomancer
The character must take an Aspect as a permission for the type of Allomancy they can perform, though it can be combined with their high concept or another aspect, e.g. Coinshot Noblewoman.

Mistborn - Can burn all of the metals
Coinshot - Can burn Steel
Tineye - Can burn Tin
Pewterarm or Thug - Can burn Pewter
Coppercloud or Smoker - Can burn Copper
Seeker - Can burn Bronze
Rioter - Can burn Zinc
Soother - Can burn Brass

Mistborn can burn all eight metals (and in fact more, though these are revealed throughout the books) and are therefore considerably more powerful and flexible than Mistings. It is up to the group whether Mistborn should be permitted and if they are this costs them all three of their Stunt slots.

When the Allomancer wants to use her abilities she takes a create advantage action to imbibe a vial containing the metal or metals they wish to use, gaining an Aspect like "Ready to burn Steel". Unless something is hampering the character this is a Mediocre difficulty action and success with style grants two free invocations as normal.

Actually burning the metal lets the Allomancer use his or her power to attack, defend, overcome or create advantage.

On any turn in which the character burns a metal the aspect is renamed "Burning [metal]. Invocations of this aspect can enhance the relevant use of Allomancy. Slow-burning metals like Tin and Pewter can be sustained for more than an action but these aspects may be invoked or compelled hostilely when sensory acuity or too much strength (for example) might be problematic. 

Slow burning metals will always last at least a scene (well, unless duralumin is involved but that's spoiler territory!) whereas fast burning metals may run out during the scene if a compel or create advantage is used to temporarily deplete the character's stores. They will usually only need to take an action to drink another vial of metals but characters may accept a compel of "Out of Metals" if it is dramatically appropriate.

A Note On Pewter
Burning Pewter in particular provides a mechanical benefit. It provides the character with an extra four boxes of stress but if the character runs out of pewter then they must absorb any stress over their normal maximum with consequences immediately or be Taken Out.

Mistborn may burn pewter and tin simultaneously to counteract the sensory dulling effect of burning pewter, but will gain no other benefit from burning tin.
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