Rincewind the Wizzard

High Concept: Cowardly Wizard Who Can't Cast Spells, Egregious Professor Of Cruel And Unusual Geography
Trouble: Pawn of The Lady
Aspect: The Luggage Is Following Me
Aspect: Polyglot Of Screams
Aspect: Home To One Of The Octavio's Spells

Good: Sneaky
Fair: Careful, Quick
Average: Flashy, Clever
Mediocre: Forceful

Run away!: Once per session Rincewind can leave the field of conflict with his runty little legs spinning like something out of a cartoon, with no chance of being caught. The only exception to this is if he accepts a Compel on "Pawn of the Lady".

The Luggage
Good At: Swallowing literally anything that gets in its way, running things over, moving very fast, smashing through solid obstacles.

Bad At: Making friends.

The Luggage has plot immunity and is never killed or destroyed when Taken Out. If separated from Rincewind it will always find him again no matter where he goes.
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