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Marius “Quasi” Kirschner
Replace religion with spiritualism and politics with science, and the world will be a better place for all.
Replace religion with spiritualism and politics with science, and the world will be a better place for all.

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Betty is my co-worker. For the past 8 years she occupied the desk behind me, that is, until that dreadful day in March when she found out she has stage 4 colon cancer. She has 3 wonderful kids - Natalia, 17, who started the GoFundMe campaign below, and twins Maya & Lisa age 7. Please help if you can!

You know, I don't like posting those "Please help..." messages. However, this one hits close to home and I know they are struggling to make ends meets. It's a shame we live in a country that lacks so severely in providing sufficient aid to the sick and elderly. And where people have no other choice than ask for financial assistance from strangers.

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The husband of Paris victim tells ISIS: You can't make me hate

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I little more information for those who are still on the fence in getting this awesome phone (yes I am a V10 user) to help them decide.

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Netflix streams its first feature film today.  Looks interesting...

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Learn more about "Mass Incarcerations" from our guest, Senator Cory Booker:
In Part 1 of "StarTalk Live! at the Apollo" last week, Senator Cory Booker discussed the “prison industrial complex,” mass incarcerations and the failed war on drugs. He’s actually just released a video that explains the issue in more detail than he was able to do onstage at the Apollo. You can watch that video here:

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Go Bernie Go :)

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Go Bernie...!
Bernie Sanders Is Closing Fast, But Hillary Clinton Holds Double-Digit Lead In New Poll

In the latest poll, Clinton held a 49 to 30 advantage over Sanders. While that is still a substantial lead, it is down from her 51-22 margin from late July, and her crushing 59-19 lead from one month ago. In the past month, Clinton’s lead has gone from 40 points to 19 points nationally.

#Bernie2016  #FeelTheBern

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Go Bernie
Why is Bernie Sanders, a socialist, so popular with people who should hate "socialism"?
The answer is pretty simple.
While Americans disagree on social issues like gay marriage and abortion, they're actually pretty unified on the bread and butter economic issues that Bernie has made the core of his campaign.
In fact, a recent poll by the Progressive Change Institute, shows that Americans overwhelmingly agree with Bernie on key issues like education, healthcare, and the economy.
Like Bernie, 75 percent of Americans poll support fair trade that “protects workers, the environment, and jobs.”
71 percent support giving all students access to a debt-free college education.
71 percent support a massive infrastructure spending program aimed at rebuilding our broken roads and bridges and putting people back to work.
70 percent support expanding Social Security.
59 percent support raising taxes on the wealthy so that millionaires pay the same amount in taxes as they did during the Reagan administration.
58 percent support breaking up the big banks.
55 percent support a financial transaction or Robin Hood tax.
51 percent support single payer healthcare, and so and so on.
Pretty impressive, right?
And here’s the thing - supporting Social Security, free college, breaking up the big banks, aren’t “progressive” policies, they’re just common sense, and 60 years ago they would have put Bernie Sanders smack dab in the mainstream of my father’s Republican Party.
This is why Ann Coulter is so scared of Bernie becoming the Democratic nominee.
She knows that he speaks to the populist, small “d” democratic values that everyday Americans care about, regardless of their political affiliation.
That’s the really radical part of Bernie’s 2016 campaign, and what’s what maybe, just maybe, might make him the 45th President of the United States. 
#BernieSanders2016   #FuelTheBern   #PoliticalRevolution   #PowerToThePeople  
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