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Connie Patty
Loving our life in the Czech Republic: I follow Jesus, adore my family, and cherish the friends I have.
Loving our life in the Czech Republic: I follow Jesus, adore my family, and cherish the friends I have.


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It's Not Working
If you own an Apple Computer you know what I mean when I say "the wheel of death is spinning." That's not good news! I've had some intermittent issues recently, but a restart always takes care the glitch. Until tonight. So I'm on my phone, making a short po...

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Tour the Prayer Room
We are forty seven days into our year of prayer for Josiah Venture. That is already over 1128 hours of dedicated prayer for God's work among the youth of Central and Eastern Europe!  God is moving, truly, in unprecedented ways as you and I pray. If you have...

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Got A Glimpse
I had a half hour between meetings and activities this afternoon, so made a quick beeline for downtown Jackson. On this bright, beautiful, sunny February afternoon, where the temps were just above freezing, it was so nice to walk around the town soaking in ...

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My Sweet Valentine's
While Dave and his brothers celebrated Valentine's Day together on the slopes of Jackson, I celebrated throughout the day with these precious ones. God wove our lives together many years ago and they are family! Wouldn't have wanted to spend Valentine's wit...

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The Grand Beauty
Flying over the mountains, on our way from Phoenix to Wyoming, I could hardly wait for the first glimpse of her again. And there she was, out the window of the plane. The Grand Teton! She delights and fascinates me every time I see her. I've heard she's qui...

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Executive Retreats
For the past three days, Dave and five others from JV's leadership team have been two hours north of Phoenix on an executive retreat. While they've been there, Amy and I have been holed up in Scottsdale on an executive retreat of our own. Thanks to the kind...

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Riches of Relationship
For every one of the pictures in this particular blog post, I could have written a separate entry. I surely wanted to! But because each day was so filled to the brim with the riches of relationship, I didn't get to. However! I DO NOT want to forget any of t...

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Special Meetings
We're here in Denver to participate in a gathering for churches from around the US who partner with our Czech JV team. They want to strategize together on how best to reach young people in the Czech Republic with the good news about Jesus. But while we wait...

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Exciting Announcement!
Some very special news was announced today by Tyler, Lara and Judah. 😀 In June, Judah will become a big brother TO a little brother!!! WHOOHOO!!!! Let the rejoicing begin! My heart is overflowing with joy for them, and for all of us, at this good gift the ...

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Visiting a New School
This morning, Dave and I stepped into the chapel at Tyndale University College and Seminary in Toronto. It is breathtaking! The walls behind the cross up front are made of tiny pieces of tile made into a beautiful mosaic. They told us that tilers came all t...
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