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Online roster builder for Warhammer 40k (and Warhammer Fantasy... soon :) )
Online roster builder for Warhammer 40k (and Warhammer Fantasy... soon :) )

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Astra Militarum, Militarum Tempestus, Legion of the Damned and Imperial Knights released
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HQ Update

Crimson Slaughter - a Codex: Chaos Space Marines supplement released

CSM, Black Legion and Crimson Slaughter merged to one army list. Use 'Settings' for switch.

Be'lakor (Dataslate) added to CSM and Daemons

Khorne Lord of Skulls (Escalation) added to CSM and Daemons

Cypher (Dataslate) added to CSM, SM and Inqusition (rest will be soon)

WHFB Lizardman and Dark Elves released
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Hi, HQ updated.

Main visible feature is text posts in Disquss. Now you can not only share your roster but any other type info. So if you have some info for share and discuss, you are welcome :)

You can use to design a post layout Markdown language. Also standart features for editing/deleting post or rosters added.

If additional some people had problems with signin or signup screen. Now this block reworked and I hope all will be fine. But if you have any problems with login or user settings feel free for bug report
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New Tyranids released!
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IA vol.2 released for SM and DA.
Tau Empire reworked. Tau and Farsight Enclaves merged in one army list. Use 'Settings' for switch. Escalation's Tiger Shark added
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Codex Inquisition released!
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Huge "internal" update released, some bugs is possible. Please, feel free for bug reports, your help in testing is very useful.
Wh40k SM and DA reworked, old versions marked as obsolete and not supported. Recreate you roster if you want have latest version of this army lists.
Clan Raukaan and Sentinels of Terra for SM released. Please, use "Settings" menu for switch codex type.
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Eldar: Iyanden and Tau: Farsight Enclaves released.
Also minor bugs fixed. WH40k: SM, GK, SoB, Eldar, IG. WHFB: Ogres. Please, check your rosters for this armies.
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HQ team is back online and since this moment HQ is free service. Also new Space Marines released. We are sorry delay answers for emails. All incoming emails will be processed and answered asap.
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Ogre Kingdoms and Beastmen released
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