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Ticker Tape for Call Center View

The supervisor can now edit messages to appear on the bottom of the real-time monitoring page. These messages run on a dynamic ticker line.

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Getting Deeper Insights into Contact Center Activity

Poltys has designed a cost effective Contact Center management solution to help you manage your specific operations and handle your high-volume of complex calls. With Call Center View (CCView) the Supervisor can use real-time monitoring and the built-in historical reports to instantly improve Customer Service levels. Easily identification of staffing deficiencies that need improvement and increasing overall Contact Center performance are just a click away.

Poltys permanently enhances the CCView product using infield feedback received from its large base of Customers, making the tool better and better every day. 

New Agent Analytics That Make the Difference

Comprehensive Agent Status
CCView comes with a comprehensive set of gauges related to the Agent activity that provides you with a new instant perspective of the Contact Center efficiency.

You can configure and observe real-time wallboard-like panes populated with Agent statistics like Current Idle Time (since last call), Current Wrap-up Time, Current Break Time, DND State, Message Waiting Indicator, Dialed Number, Caller ID, Caller Name, IN/OUT Status, Forward No Answer, and more.

You don’t need to worry anymore about who is currently on what. Just use CCView in order to know anytime, quick, and simple your staff status.

Contact Center Agent Activity Codes

Agent Activity Codes are usually entered by agents at the end of a call to indicate the accomplishment of a certain task, such closing a sales lead.

CCView lets you define one PBX feature code related with a specific Contact Center Agent activity. The feature code can be associated with a flexible key on the Agent phone for more convenience. Once the programmed key is hit upon Agent activity completion, the information is stored for further reference.

The Agent Activity code statistics are available in real-time or by historical reports in CCView.

For example, consider that you conduct an outbound campaign and need to contact the entire set of customers in order to announce a new product release.

The Agents just need to press the preprogrammed flexible buttons that indicates the successful calls. 
CCView automatically keeps track of successful calls with live persons that have been informed about the new product release, highlighting the efficiency of mass information campaign. 
Contact Center Efficiency Assessment by New Analysis Report

Thanks to new report, CCView provides you with a clear image of the distribution of the calls over day, the average of talking time, the average speed of answer, the average speed of call abandon, the abandon rate, and the dissemination of the answered calls by time intervals (within 20 sec, between 20 and 40 sec, between 40 and 60 sec, greater than 60 sec).
Telephony Bills Using CCAccounting or CCView

Poltys CCAccounting and CCView are able to generate complete telephony invoices that are worldwide compatible with different Service Providers’ tariff rules and procedures.
You can specify flat rate along the minute rate for every call that reaches a certain Service Provider, or you can include Federal and Provincial taxes if necessary.

For example, the residents of a Healthcare facility can make local or international calls at their convenience. 
The administrator of the facility needs to invoice every resident monthly. Taking into account that the facility has about 300 rooms, the administrator shall spend a lot of his/ her time for generating the invoices manually.

CCAccounting or CCView comes to help the facility administrator by automatically generating the telephony invoices and sending them by email to whom it may concern. The invoices present the list of calls, cost of every call, total cost without taxes, federal taxes, provincial taxes, and grand total for each resident.

For more details: 
Call Center View - New Features
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Poltys CA RCS is a client-server solution that provides seamless Presence, Voice, Video, Instant Messaging, and Image/ File Sharing features among Mobile Devices, like smartphones and tablets. It enables mobile Rich Communications Services (RCS) on Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and LTE networks by using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology.

• Basic Call (VoIP) 
• Basic Call (PSTN by Follow Me feature) 
• Voice Codecs: G.729/ G.711/ G.722 
• Video calls/ switch to video call 
• Video Codec: H.264 
• DTMF based on RFC 2833 
• Hold/ Resume/ Redial 
• Call Transfer: Attended/ Blind 
• 3-way calling (conference) 
• Text-based chatting 
• Sharing images and files 
• In call contact picture 
• Audio routing: Loudspeaker/ Handset/ Wired Headset, Mute 
• Complete access to the network/ native contact list 
• Presence indicators for your contacts 
• Favorites Group 
• Call History/ Contact management 
• Voicemail integration/ notification (SIP MWI)
• English 
• French 
• German 
• Spanish 
• Portuguese 
• Russian
• Contact Poltys at, or
• Go to

Andoid Client: 
iPhone Client:

More info:
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Enhanced Report Filter

Poltys added more flexibility when filtering call information for the reports provided by CCView and CCAccounting products. 

You can now define composite filter criteria at a glance, such as:
find all call records that have Agent=”John Doe”  AND (Caller ID is like 805% OR Caller ID is like 864%"), where % means any sequence of characters,  of any length. 

The filter returns all calls received by the specified agent which have any Caller ID starting with 805 or 864.
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*New analytics options are added to Poltys CCView lineup! *
Poltys CCView and CCAccounting for Professional Contact Center have many types of analytics. Poltys continuously recognizes the valuable feedback received from customers and consequently integrates it in the right product at once.      
Supplementary Regional Area Field
You can now split the outbound call activity by regional areas. CCView and CCAccounting products provide a new Area report/ call log field that presents the regional area corresponding to the dialed number prefix (area code) used in outbound calling. 
The Area field can be included or used as group/ filter field in the reports.

For more details check:
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Enhanced Productivity Enhanced Pop-up searching criteria

Poltys sells its Contact Center solution worldwide. Unfortunately, not all of the regional telephony service providers supply the Caller ID in the standard format. For example, some operators do provide the Caller ID preceded by country code, some ones don’t. The issue may affect the availability of contact pop up feature when the Caller ID does not strictly match the information stored in contact database. Poltys resolved the glitch gracefully: the Caller ID is not searched in the database for coincidence, but for likeness. Therefore, both cases are solved and the contact information pops up for all operators, no matter how the Caller ID is supplied.

More details here:
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Appointment Reminder

Sometimes your customers forget about their appointments, which cost you revenue, causes disruptions in your schedule, and hurts your professional relationship. If you could give all of your clients notifications prior to their appointments, that would increase revenue and increase customer satisfaction. But who has that time? You can now fix your no show problem using * Poltys Appointment Reminder* which is an automatic solution that places outbound calls, send SMS and/ or Emails in order to deliver specific appointment information to each customer.


Support for SMS notifications

- The customer receives a SMS instead of Text-to-Speech notifications call

- GSM data modem or WEB SMS portal support

 Support for E-mail notifications

- The user receives an Email instead of Text-to-Speech notification call

 Support for pre-recorded wave files

 - The user hears a pre-recorded wave file instead of Text-to-Speech notification message Text-to-Speech notification messages and pre-recorded wave files can be combined and presented one after the other to the customer.

For more details check:
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Outbound Dialer

Since Contact Centers want to increase the productivity per Agent they have employed, they monitor the time which is spent by an Agent to talk to a prospective Customer.

So, when the Agents are provided with a database and asked to call to various prospects, it is noticed that the effective time spent in talking to the customers is very low as many calls are not picked up, answered by fax machines, busy etc. Therefore, the Agents spend more time dialing numbers than actually talking.

Moreover, do you need to conduct multiple outbound campaigns simultaneously?

Poltys Outbound Dialer is the solution for all these needs.

Key Features

- Centralized repository of the calling list.
- Import of calling list from CSV files.
- The Customer phone number is dialed when the number of calls that are waiting in the ICD group queue is less then a predefined threshold.
- When customer is connected, a greeting is played, with option to transfer to a live person.
- The call gets transferred to the predefined ICD group.
- The customer contact info pops up after the call got connected to the agent.
- Different greetings can be presented to customers based on type of campaign.
- Multiple outbound campaigns can be conducted simultaneously.

More details about Poltys Outbound Dialer can be found here:

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Direct Care Connect (DCC) Success Story Keeps Going

Recently, DCC moved to a new integration level with more Nurse Call Systems, providing support for the following interconnection protocols:
- COMP2 over IP protocol for SARA systems
- ESPA 4.1 protocol for Courtney-Thorne and Intercall systems

Moreover, Poltys moved on beyond by adapting the DCC solution for a new vertical market: Retail businesses

The supermarket customers can now push the call button of the Panasonic door phones installed on premise’s aisles and get quick one-to-one help over the phone from Customer Service personnel.

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Panasonic KX-NS1000 & Poltys Solution - Volksbank Case Study 
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