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Chosen By Him
You are Known, Loved and Set Apart
You are Known, Loved and Set Apart


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Heart's Desires
our hearts, there are always desires to do something great that will impact the
lives of others around us. We have goals and aspirations that will satisfy our
souls. Some of these goals range from establishing charities, educational
institutions, min...
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12 Things 2016 Taught Me
2016 has not been easy in the slightest. When you pray for growth, be prepared for how God will answer you. Because it most definitely won't be pretty. I don't think there's been a year that has tested me as much as this one. But I've come to realise that e...
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5 Reasons You Don't Enjoy Your Quiet Time
Quiet time is an extremely important time in a Christians daily life. Where we spend with the Lord in prayer, reading the word, worshipping and most importantly listening to what He says.   There comes a time in your Christian walk when spending time with G...
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Blooming Butterfly
My Pastor often gives analogies so we can
grasp certain spiritual concepts.     A few Bible Study classes ago, he explained
the term metamorphosis .   He explained that the transition of an unattractive
caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly is an example o...
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Wholeness: A Poem
I was in the early phase of
my life Living for the moment was
all I aspired Disregarding the need to
consider what tomorrow brings What the outcome of my
actions would yield His love was however, always
evident around me Never letting me stray too
far off B...
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Choosing Purity
world we live in today has been contaminated by an over ex p osure to sexual sin. Everything we
watch, read and hear points to sex and purity has become unfashionable. We have
become so blind that we fail to acknowledge that sexual sins have spiritual c...
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Living A Progressive Life
friend of mine recently took a management course online for career and personal
development reasons. This somehow impacted me. We all want to keep achieving
more as we grow. In our academics, we are obliged to succeed at each stage so
we can move on to th...
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7 Lessons I've Learned A Year On From Graduation
So its been a year
since I graduated, its been an interesting journey to say the least. I
definitely do not feel like I’ve got everything together but I am confident
that God’s got this. “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for goo...
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Seasoned by Seasons
I woke up with one of my friends on my heart.   She had appeared in my dream last night.   After texting her to see how she was doing, I
reminded her how sometimes we run into some hard seasons but faith is one of
the main reasons why we can’t give up!   Th...
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Showing Gratitude
a saying that goes : “when we give thanks for today's blessing, we are bound
to receive more tomorrow” If a
young child walks up to us and asks for help on an assignment, a project or
simply for some money to support a certain cause, we can choose t...
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