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Artist/Producer/DJ/New West Movement
Artist/Producer/DJ/New West Movement

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New gear for my portable setup

M-Audio Keystation Mini 32

Audio Technica M-50s

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Passion At Home

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Yea just experienced some bad luck.
Just my luck I broke one of the keys on my midi controller

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Online Debut

Check out my debut Beat #1
Comments, Feedback, +1's, and Shares are all welcome and appreciated

Thank you all for circling me and giving me the chance of share my experience of music production with you

Hope you enjoy

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For any up and coming Artists/Producers etc. I strongly recommend you check out this Hangout On Air there will be plenty more to air in the future and I will also be taking part so be on the look out

#HangoutProducer Episode1 : Home studio 101

I had a great time and wanna say thank you to everyone for the great conversation, i left feeling inspired and energized! Here are some of the things we went over.

-If your budget was 1000$ + compter what would get?

-Audio interfaces under 700$

-What instruments / midi controllers are your must haves?

People on the show:
+Johnny Roquemore , +Matt Gibson , +Kevin Foster , +Rob Michael and +Mike Langford

Next episode will be focused on workflow, how to approach writing songs and how you would approach actually beginning the recording / mixing of a project so that you can work efficiently. This is where we get to seriously geek out with software and screen sharing!

#hangouts #hangoutsonair #hangoutschool #hangoutproducer #Music #Audio

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Dream Chasers

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Cant make hits on an empty stomach

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Do You Make Music?

If You Said Yes then it is VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT To Copyright Your Music

I've seen a countless number of times where producers or artists give their music to a label only to not get the credit for making the song nor do they get paid.

(Below Is An Example)

So CopyRight

And Remember

No Credit = No Check
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