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Kathy, I was so depressed over you, our relationship, and my situation, on Feb 1, I wanted to commit suicide by sitting on my porch, slicing my wrists, bottle of vodka, and freezing to death in the winter storm, I didn't care anymore....

I don't think that anymore, and know I deserve a relationship with a better person...

I'm sorry, and I am done with you, go on deny the past, still don't know why you kept calling me, you might got something out of the calls, but you only left me hanging with nothing...
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It took fourteen days but finally received the my criminal record as the first step, to try to expunge the charge against me twenty-five years ago from a girl I wanted to make a life with. For twenty-five years, not only am I not with her, I have not find happiness or been with another woman, and have been forced reminded of our failed relationship, with every job application I every filled out, and that is hundreds/thousand of times. On top of that, she has calling me multible of times since then, even though she is/was married to Roger Bliley, and every time she called she got she answers but not once would she respond to mine, leaving me hanging, again. She even 'gave' me her number to 'call and talk', but every time I tried, she had an excuse for not able to talk. And the last time she said she is sorry for what has happen to me, from what she has been doing as I am at her door, this last month, I now do no longer believe her. Cruelty upon cruelty.

I tried three times recently, to contact her to help me do this expungement, have not heard from her at all, even though she claimed she 'sorry' for 'what happen to me'....
Oh, I have been to her trailer, and because I used 'Kathy', and not Kathryn, the woman, at the door claims, there is no one by that name (Kathy) that lives there...but I know it is her, by her voice...
I have found out, both her and her now ex-husband had trespassing/harassment charges on each other at different times but both dropped the charges, unlike what they did to me. And resently, her son, Matt, was arrested for thieft. Sorry, Matt, Kathy told me Roger was not nice/good to you. I loved your mother dearly, and wished we stayed together. It was not my choice.

Her last call, she stating how she changed, wrong, she still is the deceptive bitch she every was.....
Just like my love for her, deceived me....
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It was supposed to be our 25 year marriage anniversary with children, that was my vision when I was with you... There is only one woman in my whole life I fell deeply in love with... But she ends up, gave up on me and threw me in jail... My dreams and life die that day.... There is nothing left, but a empty shell... No dreams, no desires, no future, no goals, no hope, no wishes, just an empty shell full of great sadness... this is not how my life and dreams was suppose to turn out...

Instead this is the 25 year anniversary, of my prisoner incarceration by you. I feel there's no longer for me to go on this day forth, so I'm asking please help expunge the charges against me. I have no wife, no marriage, no kids, nothing in this life worth living for... After you, I never felt adequate or worthy enough to have a relationship or touch another woman....

Every event, birthday, celebration, or holiday since then I could not be happy or celebrate, just another day in a shit of a life. All music disappeared out of my mind, so I could no longer play my saxophones, any more.

Sorry I was not so receptive from all your phone calls to me in the last 20 years but I was pretty angry and depressed, if you wrote to me I probably would have responded with more ease. But why was the conversations always one way? You asked questions and got answers, but you remain silent on all questions I had. Like, why were you calling me, if you married 'roger bliley', not me, and after you had me arrested for harassment (meaning stop all communication with)... You continued to leave me hanging every time, you called, never knowing why.

Was I such of so awful human being that you refused to be involved with me?

PS you should stick to your normal hair color, long blonde does not suit you, it's not you, no matter what your ex-husband hair color, you tried to copy, or your beautiful girls ended up with.

I left Florida, only to be with you, and raise a family, or else I would have never came back here, its only reason I'm here, is because of you.....that may have been my last goal I made for myself and see where it got me? A dead life
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Seriously, when the hell is anyone going to get pissed about this!?? Japan is poisoning the world. Fucking stop using NUCLEAR POWEER ASSHOLES!
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This is how sad, stupid, and prophetic I am... For the last twenty-five years when my ex-girlfriend, that threw me in jail (for so called harassment, because I asked her to not go through with the wedding and that I loved her, forever a criminal record, for the rest of my life), kept calling me, she would say... 'Hello, Bruce, do you know who this is?' And I would say, 'Yes, it's Kathy' because I know her voice well. When I should had replied each and every time 'Yes. It's Mrs. Rodger Bliley, what do you what now!'  The same Rodger Bliley that walked, into 'our' trailer, with three other men, to gangbang you in Bliley's Mobiles Trailer Park, and then you married him. Thanks, Rodger, for personally and deliberately interfering, with a other man's relationship and fucking it up, you are a swale of a guy.

Silly me, yes I learned my lesson, from that relationship.....damit why did I not own a gun back then, to stop unlawful entry....second lesson learned....

Update -- After twenty-five years I have finally the whole picture of what happen back then, no fucking help from her, since she never told the truth to me. Kathy was a lousy lover and blamed a virgin for bad sex. She was seeing rodger bliley, behind my back, staged a gangbang, with him, while I was living with her, in bliley's mobile trailer park, had me arrested and never dropped the charges, I was sitting in jail, as she got married, but before hand, she state she was pregnant with my child and said I is going to kill it because it was mine and so she could marry the pig rodger bliley and have his two girls. I will never forgive for her actions or the lost of my child...she and rodger can both rot in hell. She killed my kid for you rodger, is your mother, Patricia big ass smilly grin bitch, happy about that, too? For that, the whole damn bliley family can burn it hell! But kathy, was not willing to wait for me to get a proper job after luring me back from Florida to be with her, because of her impatience and immaturity .... Pretty damn swallow... good riddens don't care what happens to you you're non-existant to me....
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Why don't you go swim downstream catfish, with your gangbang husband. And use fucking English, what are you twelve?
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Well, it turns out I have been sadden and wasted 25 years on worrying of someone, who really did not care for me at all, now I am paying for it by not having a family of my own, and was nothing but the bunt of Kathryn B's joke all this time. And it looks like no expungement for me unless I get a pardon by the governor of pa.... Yea right...

And what did she do, when she called, to tell me of her divorce to Roger? Oh, not that I might have a chance again, but that she have a boyfriend now.... WTF! After all those phone calls she called and asked me if there is anyone in my life and each and every time I tell her no, I am not seeing anyone, there is no one in my life, she goes around and jump into someone else's arms?!? She is the most cruelest person I know. Why the fuck call me? She killed my one and only child (aborted it), had two of his... and she still asked if we can be friends after divorcing him? Kathy, your are the most eval bitch from HELL!

Actually, I had a vision that she would do that, I told my probation officer that, some twenty plus years ago, but in my dream I was standing at her door when she said it, then she slammed the door in my face....

In real life, she did on the phone instead.....
Kathy H, oh sorry, Kathryn B, you have shown your true colors, and always meant to be white trailer trash, the bitch married right into it, Bliley's trash trailer park...

All I wanted was to grow old with you, but could not even wait for me to get a proper job, to support you and Matthew, because you were impatient and immature... you ruined my life in more ways then one, hope you have a great life...
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My 48th non-Valentine's Day, yeah....... pretty sure that makes me the most unloved guy on earth....

Just me, Netflix, and all day non-stop breaking bad....

OK enough of breaking bad, the motherfucker allowed the girl to die, in her drugged up sleep, seriously!??? Damn, that's cold hearted! Nice television...
And there is still three more seasons... can't watch anymore.
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How stupid is that? The utilities are crying stating the solar panels are feeding back and causing high voltages. No shit sherlock, that's their job, to produce free energy! You need to reduce your input, dummy. And reduce burning up your fossil fuels during the day, you are on an island, with expensive shipping cost to deal with, helps solar reduces that!

Some people are so thick headed....
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Used to live here, park owners are morons, don't maintain it well, park built on the lowest lands in Waterford, meaning wet soggy lands most of year, ruins your trailer. It's a mud bath every downpour. Don't live or rent there. Take a look on the map, it is surrounding is wetlands!
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This a great place for you state inspections, quick, in and out.
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Had both artichoke dip and chicken dip, both were missing main ingredants, no artichoke or chicken. What the hell was the chef thinking?! Simply awful!
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Nothing but a bunch of overpriced thieves. Every time I go there, they always charge $89 to read engine codes (diagnosis) even when I never have an engine light on thus NO ENGINE CODES. Why do they charge me every time and never find a single code? Its a rip off add on cost they force all customers to pay on top of a already high bill. All their services are overpriced. In avoid go there at All cost but I own the hybrid and need their 'expertise' but even after 12 years since their first hybrid car came out they still do not know how a hybrid WORKS! You can tell by the stupid moron answers they continue to tell you. They are idiots Do Not Use Their Repair Service. And as for selling a car to you, forget about haggling a lower price, Honda only has one dealership in a given area, they will never give you a lower price. And they have the worst service protection of all car makers, a lousy three years. It's not worth it.
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Buyer Beware, do not buy from EGW, they will rip you off. You will never get the $78 for two deal. They do not tell you they charge by the eye, one lens, not for the pair of lens, the end bill will be twice as high then you expected. By charging you for left and right lens, thus twice the cost. Then if you fall for the two of one scheme then you be paying for those lenses too. I REPEAT DO NOT USE EYEGLASS WORLD.
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