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The price I paid for this was the same as one month's expenses of car ownership! Paid done gone and now ride for 'free'....
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Just curious, just bought the Games of Thrones Blu-ray discs, it supposed to have director's commentaries, but none to be had...why add option to click on if there is none?
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Yep, I laid down some dough for a new ride, a Ninebot mini...saved $800 by not going for the pro.... I finally got a Segway!
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Crazy fucks...
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Apple recovered 2,204 pounds of gold from recycled electronic devices last year...worth a cool $40million
Apple has revealed it recovered 2,204 pounds of gold in 2015 via take-back initiatives. The gold's worth has been pegged at a cool $40millon by CNN Money...
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Cut 'transmission' cost on your electric bill, take the power from your rooftop not the grid! Collect that power with solar panels you OWN! Did someone mention freedom & independence?
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We will never find life out there because we are looking in the past, life is in the present, the light from thier lives will not reach us for thousands, million, billion years, and they will not see us, for the same reason, they only see our past...
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I think this is the best of this power I'm going to make with my current setup 200 watts of gorillas solar going on to my house grid. Why don't you become more independent too? Have made seven-and-a-half kilowatts of power so far...
Even though my panels are rated for 350 watts of power this is my current best amperage at 8 amps... should max out at 9 amps...
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Court: Man Can't Live Off Grid On His Own Land
Fuck them!
A court has ruled that a veteran does not have the right to live off the grid on his own land. Marine veteran Tyler Truitt has 14 days to move his home or face legal action from the city of...
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How can you not want this car?!?
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This a great place for you state inspections, quick, in and out.
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Nothing but a bunch of overpriced thieves. Every time I go there, they always charge $89 to read engine codes (diagnosis) even when I never have an engine light on thus NO ENGINE CODES. Why do they charge me every time and never find a single code? Its a rip off add on cost they force all customers to pay on top of a already high bill. All their services are overpriced. In avoid go there at All cost but I own the hybrid and need their 'expertise' but even after 12 years since their first hybrid car came out they still do not know how a hybrid WORKS! You can tell by the stupid moron answers they continue to tell you. They are idiots Do Not Use Their Repair Service. And as for selling a car to you, forget about haggling a lower price, Honda only has one dealership in a given area, they will never give you a lower price. And they have the worst service protection of all car makers, a lousy three years. It's not worth it.
• • •
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reviewed 4 years ago
Buyer Beware, do not buy from EGW, they will rip you off. You will never get the $78 for two deal. They do not tell you they charge by the eye, one lens, not for the pair of lens, the end bill will be twice as high then you expected. By charging you for left and right lens, thus twice the cost. Then if you fall for the two of one scheme then you be paying for those lenses too. I REPEAT DO NOT USE EYEGLASS WORLD.
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Had both artichoke dip and chicken dip, both were missing main ingredants, no artichoke or chicken. What the hell was the chef thinking?! Simply awful!
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reviewed 4 years ago