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Post has attachment - weekly update running my online businesses.

It's been a full week jumping around the various projects I am working on right now. The main thing is the Amazon Japan business, both the services side of things and the selling of our own products side of things.

We are knuckling down into our own roles within the Amazon Japan services business, with a particular focus on sales. We are having success in identifying and making contacting with potential clients, it is just the process of landing them that is holding us back at the moment.

Things are progressing though so hopefully paying customers will come soon.

Another major event is the sale of a brand new product for my cycling related venture. This started life as an affiliate website but is evolving into a brand under which we are going to launch our own products. We had a production quality product sample and we listed and sold this on Amazon. We are awaiting feedback from the customer.

There are a few other things going on, plus I complain about VAT and Google statements in the video. Go ahead and watch it now. - get more from me here
@neilcurtisme on Twitter for daily stuff

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Amazon Japan, e-commerce, On-Page SEO - 30th May 2017 Business Update

Online business updates -
Amazon Japan has taken up a lot of the week, working closely with my business partner and our university intern.

We send out our first batch of emails to companies and had a very good response with 2 potential customers who need to be followed up with.

I am also getting closer to finalised my 1st order with China for a new e-commerce venture. I need to make a sale of a sample and then get customer feedback before I commit.

Finally I have been doing a lot of On-Page SEO with my affiliate websites. All is discussed in more detail in the video.

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Daily updates on Twitter @neilcurtisme

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Selling on Amazon Japan Business and more...

This week I have been doing a lot of planning for my Amazon Japan business, which offers a service to UK companies to help them get set up and selling on Amazon Japan.

We have an intern working with us at the moment who's role is to identify UK companies who are good targets for selling on Amazon Japan. We then have some specially written emails to help convert some of these companies in to business for our company.

We have a tripwire service for a very low cost of £19.99. This will convert a cold lead into a hot lead to which we can offer additional service. All is explained in the video.

I cover some other aspects of my businesses, such as improving on page SEO on my affiliate websites, my [new] cycling related e-commerce business, and my current e-commerce business.

Head over to my website for more about me and my various businesses and projects:

On Twitter @neilcurtisme

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Working with an SEO agency and Onsite SEO - Online Business Update 16th May 2017

more at - This is a weekly update on running my online businesses. The main topics today are SEO.

I have hired an SEO agency called Blink to ramp up my search engine optimization for my e-commerce website. Up to now my website has been progressing slowly so I wanted to give it a bit of a kick up the butt.

I had a couple of issues with that the agency was proposing for my website, but these have either being sorted or I have decided to step back and let Blink take their action and see where it ends up.

I have also decided to clank up the onsite SEO of my affiliate websites. For example by Amazon affiliate website that I created as a case study during the course.

May 2017 commissions and traffic was down on May 2016 so I am going to give my website a full audit. I will look at title meta tags, descriptions, H1, H2, H3 tags and keyword use through my content.

I will also look at URL structure, internal and external linking, content length and call to actions.

Watch the video for more details plus a look at my Amazon Associates account and my Google Analytics account. and on Twitter @neilcurtisme 

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Weekly update running my online businesses - 9th May 2017 - Weekly update on progress and work with my online businesses.

Selling on Amazon is currently the largest project that I think about on a daily basis, however the brand I am growing as a whole is the most important thing.

To this end I am paying a professional online marketing company to push my search rankings for product specific keywords, and also a freelancer who is working on a larger resource for my website.

For our Japanese company who sell on Amazon Japan as well as help other companies get over to Japan to sell on Amazon we have had an intern working with us for 2 full days now and is compiling a list of companies to approach.

I run a portfolio of affiliate websites and I am starting new ones all the time. I currently have 5 domains registered ready for content. We have created some standard operating procedures for creating content for our websites and are posting for writers on Upwork to create the content. We will get 20 pieces of content for each of the websites with a maximum of £500 per website.

Get more details from the video and head over to my website to keep updated.
@neilcurtisme on Twitter

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Running and growing an online business- May 2017 update

Each week I record an update video about how things are going in my online businesses. I currently have two limited companies and under these official companies I have several individual projects.

Get more at

Most of the last week was spent on my Amazon businesses. I call it an Amazon business rather than an ECommerce business because 99% of all sales happen on Amazon at the moment. But recent events of inactive listings and crazy competitor prices have made me step up my off Amazon activities.

I am now investing around £900 per month on growing my ECommerce website. £200 is spent on a freelancer who is working on a big resource on the website that will serve to attract organic visitors and also backlinks to increase my authority with Google. The freelancer is also managing my social media accounts.

£700 is being invested in a professional SEO agency to boost organic search traffic for my product related keywords. Combined I am hoping this will have a major positive effect on my ECommerce website.

Away from the Amazon ECommerce business we have taken on an Intern to work on the Amazon Japan / Export to Japan business, which combined with another Intern who will start in about a month we hope to really push this business forward.

Also in this video I cover some updates with one of my affiliate websites that I built during the course.

Get more at and on Twitter @neilcurtisme

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How I run my online businesses in 2017 - growing several online businesses with the goal of selling.
This video is part of a regular weekly update video where I cover the main things I have been doing with respect to my online businesses.
To summaries I have 4 main areas to my online business in 2017. One is a portfolio of affiliate websites that my wife now manages since she has joined my business.
Another is a cycling related website that started life as a small affiliate website but is evolving into a physical products business that I am to grow (with a business partner) into a fully fledged ECommerce business that we will eventually sell.
I also run another business with a different partner that deals with selling in Japan. We sell our own products on (Amazon Japan) as well as offering a service based business to help other companies expend in to the Japanese marketplace.
Finally, my biggest project at the moment is my parenting brand ECommerce business. 99% of sales happens on Amazon at the moment with most in the UK but also some in Italy, Spain, France, and Germany. I am growing my own ECommerce website with initial goal of driving more sales through Amazon but eventually to sell direct.
In this update I cover how we are progressing with our 1st cycling related physical product as well as my current situation with my parenting ECommerce brand.
Get more at and get daily updates on Twitter @neilcurtisme

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£6,294.98 in two weeks from Amazon UK and more...

Check out the weekly update video on my online businesses. Remember to follow me on Twitter @neilcurtisme

In this video I chat about my Amazon UK business and how I am experimenting with increased prices and how these affect sales and profits. I have increased my price by 1/3 and I am now much more expensive than my competitors, who are essentially selling the exact same product.

I was a best selling in my main category but have since slipped to #2 because of my reduced sales as a result of my increased prices. However, I make about 3.5 times more profit per sale compared to my old lower prices so my actual profits are not affected too much.

The benefits of selling less but for more profit are that I do not sell through my stock as quickly, I do not need to re-order as much, and I do not have as much money invested into a single product. The downside is that I get less eyeballs on my products so the general sales of my other products my be down in the long run?

For the April in total Amazon UK has paid my over £12000 into my business bank account, which is awesome.

Sticking my my ECommerce brand I met with a professional SEO and online marketing company to see what they can offer in terms of driving more traffic to my actual brand website. This is a priority for me so I am willing to invest in this area.

Check out the video for more on these subjects plus more on the other things I an up to in my online businesses. These include affiliate websites.


Twitter: @neilcurtisme

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