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I've Moved!
I have moved to !   From now on, all posts will be coming from there.  But don't fret, all of my previous awesomeness has come with me and can all still be found!  See you there!

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I could get used to this...
Classes are done.  One of my exams is over.  I am in full feel-good mood.  Yesterday I had a job interview [FINALLY] then spent the rest of the day crafting and listening to music at home.  Today I started my day off with making cookie dough.  While it was ...

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A few things I've learned so far...
I have just finished my last day of classes for third year . Yusssss .  It’s not like it’s the end of anything, really.  I have exams for the next month and start the summer semester in the first week of May.  But, even still, I feel like this is kind of a ...

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New Tunes
Joseph - Native Dreamer Kin:  this album was such a score!  It's kind of like a mix of Birdie and a bit of the Civil Wars, but they have a uniqueness to them too so they're just really a great listen period. NoNoNo - Pumpin Blood EP :  such fun.  Great car ...

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girl sounds
Normally I have four albums buuuut  since all I've been listening to lately are either these two or all of the albums I've already posted I decided to change things up a bit. 1. Sara Bareilles - The Blessed Unrest : This album is beautiful.  I bought it bac...

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Sombrio Beach
On Friday Brittney and I decided to make a two hour trek to a place called Sombrio Beach.  It's just a little bit south of Port Renfrew and about a one hour drive past Sooke.  It. Was. Amazing.  I don't think I've ever been somewhere as beautiful as this pl...

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adventure preview
Here is a preview of the adventure Brittney and I went on today!!  More to come soon :)

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secret project revealed!
I did it!!  I finished my first big knitting project! After making my first mini blanket I decided I was going to make a bigger blanket.  It's not huge or anything but I am very proud of it :) I didn't have a pattern to follow, but I knew what I wanted the ...

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long overdue...
Why hello there!  Long time no see!  I know this is my excuse for everything but school really has been very busy!  Midterms, papers, quizzes, assignments, there has been a lot going on. Anyway, here are some photos I took while I was home for reading break...

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let the sun in!
after a weekend of nothing but rain, the sun that is currently streaming through our windows is so fantastic!
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