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Fake M.A.C Lipstick
Don't these knock-offs annoy you? Just recently I've come across a store selling fake M.A.C products and ever since I've joined beauty blogging community I've heard people complaining about these products, and I can see why. First off, if you're not M.A.C, ...

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University and What the future holds . . .
Image Source It's been a really long time since I've done a lifestyle post hasn't it. Well, today a friend and I were talking about what we wanted to do in life after we leave school. As some of you may know, I've just finished up high school and am now att...

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AW Beauty Wishlist
Good Monday everyone, so this post may or may  not be rather shorter than my usual wishlists and posts in general but regardless it's time for the second half of my AW Wishlist Series - beauty. I hope you enjoy. ZOEVA Brushes I have an obsession with makeup...

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For a long
while I’ve been wanting to try out the EOS lip balms and recently- ish I got myself the Strawberry Sorbet
version. Really I’ve had this since early August and I’ve just been conflicted
about how I really feel about it. As you can see by the pictu...

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Gem Eyelash Curler | REVIEW
Gem. Gemmy. Gemma. Gem. My eyelashes have a natural curl to them, The curl is defined to the point where the tips of my lashes actually go back to touch my eyelid. Although the curl is convenient, time saving, the extremity of it is just annoying. I cannot ...

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Summer Internship | Final Update + My Exam Results
As some of you know, I'd been doing a series of posts about my experience of interning this summer, but as I've been on hiatus from blogging for some time now it's about time that I filled you guys in from where I left off. So the updates stopped right arou...

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Mini Makeup Haul
Hello everyone, I have been absent from all thing blogging for two months now. Yes, I do feel bad for having left you guys hanging without a word but just know and try to understand that I needed some time away and now I'm back. It feels so weird to be back...

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Okay, okay feel free to yell. I know I've been gone for a millennium and I didn't come back when I said I would and for that I'm really and truly sorry. But, to make things better i have an apology present - this post. I know that Summer is almost over so i...
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