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Google+ Users the Community Couldn't Live Without
A Community-Curated Circle

With suggestions from hundreds of people, these are the Google+ users who the Google+ community "couldn't live without." Their content, personality, and overall presence on Google+ provides irreplaceable value to other members of the community.

Two days ago, I asked the question: "Who are 3 Google+ users you couldn't live without?" After hundreds of comments came in, here's the Circle that everyone created!

Original post:
Full details: Every [valid] suggestion was added to this Circle. Suggestions made on reshares of the original post were included unless the post was not share publicly. When people suggested more than three members, I chose the first three who were not already included in the Circle. Self-nominations were not included unless another user recommended that person. Pages were not included unless they represented a single person (for example, celebrities). I may do a Page version soon!

#circleshare #circles #publiccircles

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Dan Leveille hung out with 24 people.Farran Lee, Tzafrir Rehan, Kelvin Davis, thomas owen, Miedie Ya, Seyhan Güler, David Coe, Cobalt Sieg, aasem al-aasem, John Gayman, Matt Matherson, Mohammed AL-KhaLdi, Shane Leo, Elliot Mist, Ahsan Hanif, Jeff LaPointe, John Brown, Abhishek Asawa, Hermine Ngnomire, sushil kumar, Mhyzter Deuces, Marqui Hye, Carlon Stevens, and Akbar Ansari

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