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Rick Albaugh
Life Lover Extraordinaire!!!
Life Lover Extraordinaire!!!

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Like this song!
and we can learn to love again...♥♥


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Wow! Love this song and awesome doesn't do Morello's solo at the 6:50 mark justice! Check it out!

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This is absolutely awesome... and legit! I am going to try it!
I finally found the strength to publicly write my true story. I spent 10 years with an "incurable disease", which I have now made asymptomatic, naturally:

This is NOT an ad btw, I don't sell anything, neither I endorse other people's products. This is just my true story, from the bottom of my heart. I honestly hope it helps others too with similar conditions.

Help me get Bitcasa... Sign up for unlimited storage here:

Let me know u did and I will invite u once I'm on!

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Classy, Santa... Very classy! 

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Great work Google Team... Keep it up!
So much hotness in today's Google+ Android app update! Visit Android Market to get the latest goodies (look for v. 1.0.2 updated 7/14, will take a few hours to roll out everywhere).

We're love to improve the mobile apps based on your feedback, so please keep it coming!

Details of this fiery release are below. So hot my fingers burn as I'm typing :)

Fun Features

- Customize your Stream to show streams from individual circles (Stream>Menu>Manage Views)

- New UI allows adding multiple people or entire circles to an existing group Huddle

- Set photo as wallpaper (when viewing photo)

Good Fixes

- Fixed some issues with the Swype keyboard

- If someone you've never huddled with before invites you to a group Huddle, you can now dismiss the invitation

- Performance improvements and bug fixes throughout the app

We'll continue to update our top mobile issues list, so you know we're aware of the top feature requests:

Our non-Android homies (we love you just as much!) can continue to access our rockin' web app via:

Let us know what you think anytime: Click "Send Feedback" in the app, visit Google+ Discuss (via the Help Gear on desktop), or just +mention us in the Stream!
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Created a Google+ guide with 15 tips for newbies. Hope it's helpful.

(Related: How to make the most of Google+

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Mumbai Blasts
3 confirmed explosions in Mumbai. At Dadar, Zhaveri Bazar, and Opera House. Am updating this post with more info as I get it.

Update 1: Home Ministry confirming it is a coordinated terror attack.
Update 2: Blasts reportedly caused using Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).
Update 3: Home Minister confirmed 10 dead, 54 injured admitted to hospital. Not willing to identify any suspect terror groups yet.
Update 4: Maharashtra CM confirms 17 dead, 81 injured.
Update 5: Emergency Numbers: 022-22621855, 022-22621983, 022-22625020, 022-22641449, 022-22620111
Update 6: Crowdsourced spreadsheet of people all over Mumbai willing to help with travel/stay/blood/etc. at (On Twitter, use #heretohelp and #needhelp as appropriate)
Update 7: Taxi cabs WILL NOT operate after midnight due to blasts. Both Central & Western Railway Lines functioning normally and are preferred mode for travel as there are traffic jams in pockets in many areas.

Live Blogs

Don't panic. Request Mumbaites to not use phones/SMS unless absolute must. Leave networks free for emergency calls.

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Photography timed Perfect.
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