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Sci Chick (Jay)
Single mom by choice to a beautiful baby girl. Blog at
Single mom by choice to a beautiful baby girl. Blog at

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Blogging before and after a baby is different for me. Before, I desperately needed to share the struggle of infertility, and my journey was definitely high on its ups and downs and unexpected turns. And though a part of me wants to blog about parenting, and...

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Moving across the world, and other adventures
Oh BOY. What a two months it has been. Early in November, we packed up, drove to the airport just when a toddler should have been settling in for the night, and flew for the next 24 hours from India to the US. I felt my hair should have been turning white t...

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The winds of change..
When the universe wants to get you going, it sometimes lights a giant fire under your unsuspecting ass. That is exactly what has happened to me: after months of waiting and anxiously biting my nails and badgering my poor lawyer, my immigration situation was...

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Picking the right books for baby: a by-age buying guide
I love reading to Gauri, and I am not the sort to stop at 5 or even 10 books. Very few things have the power to change a society as much as reading. Indeed, when people talk about the things that you can do in the  early (infant/toddler) years that positive...

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Aylan Kurdi
I have been meaning to write one of my memory book posts of what Gauri has been upto: stories that I may easily forget now if I do not catalog them somewhere. Today, I have the time. But my brain is heavy, because I cannot get that image of Aylan Kurdi out ...

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On parenting inside a very narrow box...
A curious thing has happened to me since I became a mother: I tend to look at delinquents, misogynists, racists, rigid moralists, and so on with new eyes: I acknowledge their faults completely, but I wonder, how would they have turned out had they had been ...

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The art of waiting patiently and living well
Central to the Bhagvad Gita is this simple and yet unfollowable piece of advice: Do what you need to do (your duty----this book is big on "duty"), and then quit worrying/obsessing about how things will play out, since that is not in your piddly ability to i...

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Not the best of times
It has been a rough few weeks. First, a giant (but completely sortable) wrinkle was introduced in my US immigration process. Its sorting depends on the response of consulate officials to information supplied via email, so basically, waiting on the cogs of b...

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The other day, I started crying over a tiny, tiny thing. It took everybody by surprise, most of all me, because I realized I am stressed without really realizing it. This has been building up, subliminally. When I first got the email from the USCIS  schedul...

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I am poised at the edge of a huge transition, one that I have been awaiting for a long time now: my return to the US. I probably would be able to pack my bags and jump on a plane mid-June (not that I will), and that thought, not surprisingly, is scaring the...
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