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Any "fantasy biologists" in the community?

Let's assume the existence of a fantasy predator with a rigirously noctural activity cycle (call it a goblin, ghost, or what have you).

Now let's put it in a planet with a rather brief rotational period (let's say, a 12-hours long day).

How would the shorter days affect this noctural predator's behavior?

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Because having alternatives is important. Consider selling your gaming products here! Also, this store has NO REPORT BUTTON!
If you're a publisher or creator of gaming products, whether that be PDF rpg books, or dice, or battlemats, or anything gaming related, and you'd like to get your products listed in the Open Gaming Store ( just email my wife Debra at and she'll get you all the info!

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In all fairness, the Illiad's elevator pitch is no better.
Adventure scenarios "engineered by a woman with infinite time and no sense of proportion" (elf obsessed with restoring a dead human paramour back to life) can be pretty creative.

Somewhat strange, but at least you understand her motivations, if not why she doesn't find an easier way.

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This Christmas, be good wizards at your gaming table and let the muggles feel useful, just this once.
Here's a new BATGIRL SUPERGIRL comic for ‪#‎Christmas‬. Hope you enjoy.

Original available here:

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Again, thanks  +clash bowley , +Sean Patrick Fannon , and +Geek Native for hosting a place where this kind of discussions can take place, even if I don't have a lot to contribute to it right now.
Superman: I want to discuss some ideas with you.

Flash: What ideas?

Superman: I want to get rid of guns... checkmate... we could do it, you and I, couldn't we? In what? A day? Two?

Flash: We could never get rid of all guns.

Superman: No, but most. We could do it.

Flash: Yes.

Superman: Checkmate.

Flash: But just because we can do it, doesn't mean we should. Unless they give up their guns willingly, they will resent us.

Superman: Yes, but they will be alive to resent us.

Flash: I know... they will rise against us.

Superman: Maybe, and let them come at us with sticks.

Flash: You start with guns. Then what?

Superman: You're a forensic scientist. How many lives have you witnessed ruined by gun death?

Flash: Smoking.

Superman: What?

Flash: Cigarettes. They kill far more people than guns. People keep smoking even though they know they're killing them, they keep smoking and looking into the eyes of their families and they die.

Superman: And

Flash: And tomorrow we get rid of cigarettes... checkmate... then we imprison anyone who speeds in a car... then we lock up anyone who leaves a dangerous dog unchained... checkmate... then we kill anyone who doesn't recycle.... checkmate... checkmate... checkmate... checkmate...


No, this time I'm not dedicating OBS a webcomic, mainly on the grounds that I'm so. very. tired of Maude Flanders protesting against David's statue... it may be a topic that needs to be disscussed, I just no longer have the energy. They're too many, and it's always something, always.

Every now and then I see posts about "guidelines to be a better player." Now, while none of these are necessarily wrong, most of these are written mostly based on that particular GM's preferences rather than general guidelines (i.e: a "manual for being a better player at my table).

Might as well give it a try. It probably won't be perfect but let's see what comes out of it. #MeToo  :

Israel's Player Creed:

1) Find where you stand: Don't be afraid of asking as many questions as you need to know the table's playstyle and social contract. Armed with that information you'll be able to know if you're a good fit for that table or you'd rather look elsewhere. Some tables are all artsy-fartsy, some others are beer&pretzels; some tables are rules sticklers, some others don't even touch the books and it's all Magic Tea Party, some tables like the GM to be God, some others don't. If you feel you can reach a compromise between your playstyle and theirs then go for it, but if such agreement can't be reached then you better be on your way. "I can change them!" is an argument that has never worked for wives trapped in crappy marriages, and neither will work for you.

2) No gaming is better than crap gaming: Just like "to run away from home" is the worst reason a teenage girl can have for getting married, whatever you do, never, ever play at a table you hate just because "it's the only table around."Never play at a table where the local playstyle clashes with yours. Never play with people you wouldn't spend an afternoon doing something else with. Precisely this is how all gaming horror stories are born. Chances are, somewhere out there is a gaming table where you can play without hating every second of the game and antagonizing who should be your gaming buddies (doing that in your spare time is not gaming, it's having self-esteem issues). Even if you live in the middle of nowhere, if you can read this, then you can always get in touch with virtual tabletop communities like Roll20 and OpenRPG. This is not sex, roleplay is played in your head, flesh is optional.

3) Don't be a dick: If you need a manual on how not to be a dick, then what you need is an Andrew Matthews book as teaching empathy goes beyond the scope of this post. Show up on time, pay attention, get involved, be someone people like to be around.

It's as simple as that, look for a place where you fit in, because there's no need to argue with the GM if there's no conflict to argue about, and the other players won't give you the stink eye if you fit in and don't piss in their cheerios.


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Did you know Valiance Online has a presence in google too? They could use more followers in not-facebook places.
More work-in-progress hairstyles for our soon-to-return female characters! #gaming #indiedev #gamedev #whenitsdone

"Power gamer is anyone who plays in a way I don't like."

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Isn't it funny how Champions Online takes you all over the world but insists on keeping you a perpetual chump while City of Heroes' missions were confined to Paragon City, and yet they turned you into a self-made god, successor to the game's iconic bigwig, and the world's savior? #ValianceOnline  can't come fast enough.
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