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Elephant dung and the art of critique.
  During a rehearsal of the
opera Aida, an elephant dropped a large, steaming pile of dung on the stage.
Conductor, Sir Thomas Beecham (known as much for his wit as for his musical
genius), remarked, “ Its manners are abominable,
but what a critic !” Dumpin...
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Cloth dolls and character development.
in my tiny patch of Africa, is never dull. A
couple of months ago, I had coffee with a friend who runs a play-therapy group
for abused and abandoned children. Laugh out loud, I should have known
something was up when she ordered a large slice of cho...
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Happy New Lunar Year! May the year ahead bring you good health, happiness and great success.
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Jumping Genres Well, okay. Yes. Switching genres would be a more
accurate title for this post, but you know me – can’t pass up an alliteration,
even if it does imply tales of  skipping ropes and trampolines. But jumping, in the literary sense, is
pretty muc...
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Write, right and research Part 3 (final)
As if my trip to the US wasn’t
miraculous enough, I could hardly believe it when even more unexpected
pleasures came my way. After that fascinating meeting with Ohio’s finest, I was
given a tour of the state crime lab at CBI. I hadn’t expected it to look li...
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