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Destructive thoughts and emotions undermine the very causes of peace and happiness. If you think clearly about it, it makes no sense to think you’re seeking happiness, if you do nothing to restrain angry, spiteful, and malicious thoughts and emotions.

I had stopped watching GeekBeat.TV even on my TiVo, but if +Myriam Joire is going to be around to ask informed and intelligent questions, I might get back to that habit. She's capable of getting past +John Pozadzides 's sometimes numbskull questions. +Myriam Joire is really ripping it up with the Unikey guy, he's talking like he's enjoying it, and now she's managed to politely heard Dirk back to answering her actual question! Way to go, UWO!

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We are not yet free, the struggle continues.

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I want one, so you have to pay through the eyeballs!
We're giving away 40…that's right… 40 of these iSimple megaPhones that improve your iPhone or iPod's volume ( Here's what you do to win:

-- Do you have me in a circle?  Check step one off the list!
-- Publicly share THIS post in your G+ stream, and you're done with step 2!

That's it! You can get all the details at You do have to have an address in the United States. We'll pick a winner in a week… it's going to take us a while to count to 40. 1….2…3…uh, what's next??

Oh… and if you don't win, you can always pick one up here:

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This is an inadequate substitute for coffee. (via

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Romney and Perry's real debate exchange.
Romney: "I'm so much smarter than you."
Perry: "I could kill you with a corn dog."

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Very interesting and clearly written post introducing some thoughts on the problems with Certification Authorities (CAs) as an anchor for trust in identities and privacy on the Internet. Moxie Marlinspike promotes the notion of "trust agility" as a requisite for practical, useful Internet security in the future.

I had a moment of sardonic amusement due to $EMPLOYER's choice of a CA for cost and ease of use only: the same one belittled in Moxie's comment about trusting domain registrars for DSNSEC:

It turns out that in the case of DNSSEC, there are three classes of people that we have to simultaneously trust:

The registrars. CAs are sketchy, but this is a whole new world of sketchiness. Think, sketchasaurus. Registrars were never built or selected with security in mind, and most of them don't have a very good track record in this area. Shouldn't it be laughable that the current first step in deploying DNSSEC is to create an account with GoDaddy? I mean really, do you trust this guy? Forever?

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I got this note from John Ritchie, Dennis's brother:

Dear Rob--

As Dennis's siblings, Lynn, John, and Bill Ritchie--on behalf of the entire Ritchie family--we wanted to convey to all of you how deeply moved, astonished, and appreciative we are of the loving tributes to Dennis that we have been reading. We can confirm what we keep hearing again and again: Dennis was an unfailingly kind, sweet, unassuming, and generous brother--and of course a complete geek. He had a hilariously dry sense of humor, and a keen appreciation for life's absurdities--though his world view was entirely devoid of cynicism or mean-spiritedness.

We are terribly sad to have lost him, but touched beyond words to realize what a mark he made on the world, and how well his gentle personality--beyond his accomplishments--seems to be understood.

Thank you.
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