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Celebrated New Years Eve by playing Eclipse last night. Unfortunately, it took too long to learn and play (with a break for Chinese delivery) to get the train game that we promised Francie Pants on the table. She was a good sport, and didn't come in last by a long shot, even though she claimed she hadn't a clue. It's enough of an economic game that she was able to catch on to that part quickly.

The Spawn got to pick what we did after the gamers left. She picked watching the ball drop and a couple episodes of Buffy.

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New podcast is up

I've lost patience with spending my leisure time doing something I don't like with people I don't care for.

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Today when I was looking for the screws for the doorknob rosette, I found the hinge we couldn't find yesterday. The hinge is vintage and is probably original to the house. I ran out and bought a modern hinge to use yesterday. Today Al was all like, should we take the door down, take off the new hinge and replace it with the original. I was all like NO Fing WAY. The door is up and it is staying up.

Anyway the rosette is screwed in now. We've did most of the clean up last night.

This afternoon we started cutting the wood for the radiator cover, but then Al had to go out, and I don't use power cutting tools without a buddy, so I did the black touch-up painting.

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Kitchen almost done.


One toilet ($15 for parts plus $500 car insurance deductible for backing into a concrete post in the hardware store parking lot)


Refrigerator (parts $3 plus shipping)

Dishwasher (parts $60 plus shipping)

Microwave (parts $2 plus shipping. FYI, if your microwave starts sparking and smoking and seems like it may be about ready to explode and you are all thinking that you are going to have to spend about $100 or more to get a new one, it could be that you just need to replace the wave guide, which is a super inexpensive part and takes like 30 seconds to install. )

Range (replacement part discountinued. $15 worth of rust restorer, epoxy, a screw, spit and a prayer.)

Garbage Disposal (unfixable. New one purchased and installed).

Still on the to be fixed list:
Two toilets, two lighting fixtures, a couple of doors.
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