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From 'filthy trash' to iconic resource: 'Our Bodies, Ourselves'
 (CNN) --It was described by evangelical pastor Jerry Falwell as "obscene trash."
High schools and public libraries banned it, while teenagers -- male and female -- hid it under their beds like a dirty magazine.

Women across the country passed it to their friends, their sisters, their neighbors. They read chapters about rape in closets with flashlights. They gaped in dorm rooms at the photos of childbirth.
The landmark women's health handbook was filled with sometimes graphic information about the most intimate aspects of women's lives. It was revolutionary in its candid discussions -- and depictions -- of the specifics of sex, birth control, childbirth, lesbianism and other formerly taboo topics.

In 1971, the first "Our Bodies, Ourselves" book sold 250,000 copies. Today, it is available in 25 languages and has sold more than 4 million copies.

It's hard to believe it all began in Boston with just 12 women.
They met during a women's liberation conference in 1969. At the time, fewer than 10% of doctors were women, and topics like sexuality, pregnancy and abortion were rarely discussed. But a long conversation after a workshop on women and their bodies prompted this small group to launch the beginning of the women's health care movement.

The original founders of the Boston Women\'s Health Book Collective pose for a photograph in the 1970s.

The original founders of the Boston Women's Health Book Collective pose for a photograph in the 1970s.

"Many of them had had very bad experiences around their health and medical care, around their encounters with physicians," "Our Bodies, Ourselves" executive director Judy Norsigian remembered. "You lived in an era then where, if you went to a physician, and you were a married woman, and you (were diagnosed with) gonorrhea, your physician would tell your husband and not you."

The next year, their work came to fruition: a 193-page booklet printed on newsprint titled "Women and Their Bodies" that sold for just 75 cents.

"Part of why (the booklet) got off the ground is because women wanted to change this kind of environment in which what women had to say, where what women reported about their own experiences, could be so readily discarded," Norsigian said.
In August, Time magazine named "Our Bodies, Ourselves" one of the best nonfiction books since 1923. This year, the organization behind the book, the Boston Women's Health Book Collective, celebrates its 40th anniversary with a new edition.

Norsigian was the youngest member of the 1971 editing team and still plays a big part in editing the text. Norsigian spoke with CNN about the controversial book, the strides in women's health care since then and the one thing she hopes readers take away.
By Jacque Wilson, CNN

For the interview please visit the attached website:

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Preach! #csusmedu15   #fierceed  

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Having a bad case of #wanderlust   #csusmedu15  
Santorini is definitely one of our favourite places to visit in Greece, the views are breath-taking and the waters clear blue. Heaven!

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Here is what I'm doing for my 20% project! #fierceed   #csusmedu15  

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Gorgeous! #bucketlist  
©2011 Author: Edward Galagan
HD Wallpaper.  Venice, Italy. 2011
---------------- High Quality Wallpaper---------------------------------
Picture made in Venice, in the good year 2011. Hope you will like the mood of Venice on this picture. Especially in full size on your large screens!
Original Size: 150cmx93cm on paper, aluminum, plastic or canvas.
#Venice #Italy #hdr #canal #edward #galagan #edwardgalagan #photography #canon #gondola #rain #storm #clouds #sun #sky #boat #life #holiday #wallpaper #hdwallpaper #LincyBakker #Galerie1400 #Nederland #Netherlands

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Technology in the Classroom: CamScanner
Camscanner is a secure application that you can download for your tablet or smartphone that allows you to create PDF or JPEG files in an easy way in which you only have to take a picture of the document and will extract the text from the document and enhanc...

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Reading Reflection 8
In the article, Testing
Kurzweil 3000 , authors Barbara Green and Joan Thormann give insight on a
software called Kurzweil 3000, which is targeted to help aid those with special
needs. Kurzweil as a number of different functions including text to speech, vo...
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