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Trying New Things! (Hope in Despair)
If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll probably remember that around this time last year I had a mild stroke. This news left me shocked and uncertain about my future as I approached my mid thirties. I have a very entrepreneurial spirit. I want...

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This is a poem about my body!!

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My Body
My  body  Feels Old. Tired. Done. It Looks Different Not like yours... WALK!! I yell ... It Revolts Silently cursing my hopes and dreams. Does it make me look lazy? Things aren't always as they seem. 

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Find Your Voice
Hi everybody, You know that I'm a really open person and I like to advocate for others and help them to improve their lives. I have an idea and I'm really curious what do you think about it. I keep thinking for a couple of weeks what is the best way to help...

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Taking Life by the Horns/ my Deepest Desire
I was out for coffee with my friend and she told me she wanted to get away ... but she's being a real chicken about it. She's told me a couple of places she wishes to go,  I just think "Oh my gosh, if I were you I'd be out of here in one hot minute".  I won...

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What is Understanding?
I read a blog today that gave me an idea... It made me think "What does it mean to Understand". By that I mean to understand an individual's experience of being in the world. We all have commonalities such as having disabilities or siblings or friends. But ...

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Friendship or Dating?
At the age of 35 and living with Cerebral Palsy, I realized that dating is not a big deal to me. At least not in the same way it is for some others with disabilities. I wish that I had someone to hang out and chat with on the weekends. But rest assured, it'...

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Oh No You Didn't Just..!!
If you've spent some time around me, you'll know that I have a tendency to raise my voice. Especially if I'm excited about something, or having a good laugh. I'm not trying to be loud or disruptive, it's just part of who I am. One of my quirks I suppose.  T...

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Talking To People
Talking to people is hard for me. My speech is a pain because you can't understand me when I speak. Sometimes my family and friends can't understand me never mind strangers. I have to say things over and over again or try explaining things a new way to help...

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Another FUN day with Access
What do you do if you have to line on someone to pick you up? Every week I go out three times: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and I need nine trips with Access for that. On Wednesday I go to the gym to work out, and than I go to the mall to work on my writ...
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