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Patsy Stewart
Social Media Consultant and Speaker | We Build BUZZ for businesses |
Social Media Consultant and Speaker | We Build BUZZ for businesses |

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Proud to be included in this list with these awesome influencers!!

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Pinterest Expert Shares Pinterest 101 for Business: Focus on Your Target Audience’s Interests

One of the biggest challenges that business owners have in the early stages of operating their Pinterest business accounts is trying to figure out what content to create.

As a Pinterest consultant I get this question asked over and over. How long will take for me to get traffic to my website from Pinterest? You know the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day”… well that holds true for your Pinterest business account as well. For starters, Pinterest is not just about pushing your products and services. Brands and businesses need to focus on your target audience’s interests. Figure out how you can help them pursue those interests. Offering helpful advice makes you their trusted resource.

A great example of this is Ziploc. Ziploc has only nine boards with only 960 pins and they have attracted over 32,486 followers. They do a great job of showing you how to use Ziploc to make your life easier. Get it?  This helpful focused, indirect selling approach is everything on Pinterest.

Home organization is a popular trending topic this time of the year and they show you how to free up valuable real estate by storing infrequently used items in large Ziploc Space Bags. They are not shoving product pictures at you from every angle but what they are doing is showing you helpful tips on how to use their product into your everyday life to help you get more organized.


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Check out this list of 25 Social Media Influencers you should follow! Congrats to all those on the list!! #socialmedia #top25socialmediainfluencers #socialmediaexpertstofollow

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How to create a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

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I really thought this was going to be a good thing. Disappointed the couldn't make it work!

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This is a great success story for the +Social Buzz Lab team and Carter Machinery!!  
How One #Caterpillar Dealer Conquered Social Media

This case study shows how our client, Carter Machinery,a CAT Dealer in Virginia, grew their fan base and fan engagement using a well defined social media strategy. Their success is not only on Facebook, but other platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Google+. 

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The only two rules of social media you really need

No matter how long you've been connecting on LinkedIn, liking on Facebook or tweeting on Twitter you've probably seen (and maybe even read) countless articles telling you how you should be doing it. Some are incredibly helpful, others unbelievably dull.

When I first started out on Twitter just over 4 years ago I didn't have a clue what I was doing, clearly! ( Few months later and I managed to hop on to a webinar featuring the very wonderful +Laura Fitton otherwise known as @Pistachio( During the webinar she said many things that I've promptly forgotten (sorry) but I've kept trying to apply the two things that did stick with me.

1. Be Yourself
2. Be Useful

Now when I read any of those "how to" articles about social media most of the advice fits into either of these two rules.

I was reminded of these a few days while watching a video featuring +Chef Dennis Littley which prompted this simple graphic.

So two rules, does anyone really need any more than that?

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Nothing better than a bonfire on the beach!
Life needs more beaches, bonfires & country music!

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Good rules to follow for social media success from +Jeff Bullas blog. 
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