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I say us Beta Testers out there should get something on our profiles saying we're beta testers and we're awesome. And maybe we are the only ones allowed to test things :P

Im adding everyone who is a beta tester for Google Plus to a circle called "Beta Testers" if youre a beta tester, please add me so i can add you to that circle. 

skype with best friend :) add me: Michael Hernandy

One thing i dont like about Google Plus... If someone adds you to their circle, you cant see what circle they put you in... AH. NOI. ING. 

I wanna do a hangout, but the only webcam is ManyCam... Its kinda like a webcam... Does a hangout sound good to anyone right now?

First post on Google +... This is so cool! And its all possible because of the AMAZING Grayson Burger!
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