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Completed Surprised by the new things I learned about git. Here's a link for a 2 day pass to Code School
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My reaction the first time I used rsync: "awwwww yeaaauuuuh"
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"Facebook and Twitter (and most other social channels) are simply additional outlets to carry out your overall marketing plan. Keep that in mind at all times."
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I was interviewed on the Marketing Brainpower podcast about the new guide I authored on #digitalpublishing . Listen and download the free guide, "Navigating the Digital Publishing Landscape".
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Put together 3 game concepts for a client of ours. Can't wait to hear what they choose!
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Completed a #raspberrypi  project for a client. A fun, totally different, project then I'm used to.
Was of great service, but the "Transcoding a video to h264" step was actually really involved. brew saved my butt, by allowing me to easily install ffmpeg. FFmpeg allowed me to convert my supplied video to this mysterious .h246 format.

After I cleared that hurdle there were a few hurtles getting crontab to work (required sudo and removing the filename so that I authored the cronfile right there) and auto login
XBMC, a media center that has been adapted for the Rapsberry Pi seemed a nice starting point to get a video looping. But although it works great as a media center, it doesn't offer the video loop feature we hoped for. And it also loads unnecessary interfaces and menus we didn't need for this ...
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Update on this project. The .h246 player is essentially useless for someone who can't render .h246 files.

I revisited this project from another angle. Note: I reformatted SD card and installed raspian making sure to enable ssh and opting to not autoboot the GUI.

A) Automatically mounting usb drive mounting to /media/usbdrive/

B) Followed advice from user 'nohlman' but with variations:
1 - download binary of the looping branch of omxplayer listed in comments of
2 - ftp files to home/pi directory of pi
3 - use startx to load up gui and copy usr directory to / of sd card (I had to use the dropdown and open the directory as root usr) overwriting when prompted
4 - I had to modify the permissions of the various copied files so that I could execute.
5 - I got 'omxplayer -L /media/usbdrive/*' working
6 - autologin
7 - made file called in home/pi:
omxplayer -L /media/usbdrive/*
8 - make sure permissions are 755
9 - 'sudo crontab -e' add line:@reboot/home/pi/
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Shoot. Haven't used G+ in a while. Google has some great UX designers. +Matt Kiefer 
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So I've been playing around with Ruby. Itching to try out this new 'sassy' way of writing css code +Raquel Richardson 
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Sassy is fun! Sassy is coffee.
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Really useful guide if you need marketing inspiration for... whatever you're doing >> New version and a few ebook options are coming out for the 91 Ways To Market Your Business guide - see a preview
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