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I was stressing about getting certain paperwork into the Study Abroad office in time, but if I can't make it there's no use stressing about it. If I can't study abroad in 2012-2013, I'll just make it my goal for 2013-2014. I also regret not bringing my Japanese and Swedish texts to Medicine Hat. I really want to study and keep fresh with my language courses, but I'll have to settle with online materials.

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This is the video I created for SWED 111 class. I was doing an oral presentation on Swedish cartoons and thought, "hey, what if I took my own voice and dubbed a cartoon from North America into Swedish?" Unfortunately, my pronunciation leaves something to be desired. Also it's My Little Pony. So. That kind of speaks for itself. This video is bad and I should feel bad. ( PSA: I don't 8)b It totally got me, like, a 95% on my presentation rofl. )
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