#WhatLiesAground  (originally posted October 12)

After searching for Ernest Vincent Wright on Amazon.es, I came across not only my Gadsby edition--but also something entitled Sea Stories, an 1894 poetry collection by one Ernest Wright. Sea Stories listed its publisher as "Trow Directory, Printing and Bookbinding Co." of New York, and is mentioned in a few publications from that time.

Could this have been from the same man who later penned Gadsby? If so, this would have predated The Wonderful Fairies of the Sun by two years. There's precious little on that topic, though, and as for whether it was really E.V....well, I can't seem to find any solid evidence at the moment. As documented in Skipping Fifth (the companion essay to the Gadsby reprint), Wright made his mark as a poet and may have been a sailor at some point in his life. On the basis of those facts alone, the contents of those Rhymes strongly suggest his involvement. Or was it a different author living in downtown Manhattan? Again, I can't be certain.

One book at the New Haven Library stands between me and a sign of confirmation: From Then Till Now (1934) by James Barnes. Which I'll look into on Monday.

This, and a few new iConn arrivals, set the stage for a second revision...
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