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After a season of hard work, may I present to you my holiday gift:

The grammar overview of Relformaiké, a brand-new language inspired by the Romance family of Indo-European -- with lots of agglutinative influences thrown in for good measure. Or, Esperanto and Lojban just went out together -- and found someone else to adopt.

Six or seven cases (Nominative/Absolutive, Accusative [only in pronouns], Ergative, Identificative, Genitive, and the elusive Proprietive) -- plus dozens of adpositions doubling as pseudo-cases. (Anyone know a better term for the likes of these?) Three genders (- e/- o/- a), Adjective/Adverb markers (- i/- u), a verb conjugation system starting with - at, tense prefixes pé -/plé -/fé -/péfé -...and that's only the beginning.

Also, can you spot the references to Bellwether and Judy/Stu Hopps (whether or not you're a Zootopia fan)?

Feel free to send me any concerns/heads-up matters, and I'll get to them next time around. Until we meet again...Joiyeuzi Kristnaizfeste, toutiènes!

(Originally announced at the Small Discussions roundtable at r/conlangs on the night of Christmas Eve; locally posted on Sunday at

(For/Ómist +Dharshanth Kumar​​​​​​​/Darshanfo)

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Wish I could cram in more Boxies and Funnies...

but time's almost run out. (Either that, or it's back to Relformaiké plus Paradise 60 until next we meet.)

On the way soon (while I continue to resettle): Details on how well the Ubuntu trial went, plus another Marigot Notebook entry or two and another bundle of story notes for Unspooled #1. Not to mention a lot of the stuff I never got to last year (which I listed before December 31's sign-off), plus Adanson's long-belated followup at Charleston. That said, let the catchup continue.

If you've seen Zootopia for yourself (as I already have, twice on the big screen), then please let me know in the comments. And remember what Judy taught you, kids: Change...starts...with you! (WDAS' 55th is currently streaming on Netflix USA.)

Expressing condolences to the family and friends of those killed and injured in Brussels, Lahore, Kyushu, Ecuador, Orlando, Istanbul, Dallas, Nice, Munich, Sagamihara, Italy, Louisiana, Jamaica, and Haiti. (And now, Istanbul, Damascus, and Westminster.)

To donate to Erika relief funds, please visit or

For now, this is your Once and Future Captain speaking. Till we meet again, it's diè wåde, ovwa and out...​

And to all Dominicans and sensible Americans everywhere: Stay strong...for We Are One.​

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A couple of weeks late...

but circling this curator as this run winds down.

(With thanks to +Murray Robertson​ and the mailbox)

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This piece is titled "Glacier Visitors", according to GTranslate; rest of commentary follows in Mandarin.

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+BTP Landscape Pro by +Nancy Dempsey ,curated by +Nancy Dempsey +BTP Daily Highlights the Best Photo +Marina Versaci +BTP Editors' Choice (Top Photo page) +Marina Versaci +Barbara Manciulli +David Pilasky +Jean Michel Missri +Luc Thibau Photography +Photo Mania Australia +My Fav Pic of the Day +Dylan Cuffy +Artist , photographer , amateur or professional +Breakfast Art Club+ShowYourBestWork +Landscape Photography +MOTHER NATURE - beautiful and dangerous +Promote Photography +Belles photos +Good Light Photography Page +* +Soothing Photography +HQSP Landscape.+World Best Top Photographer Association

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PHOTO: New Zealand
Copyright: David Liu 2017

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Last of tonight's regulars; making it two for two with Mr. Liu in a short while.

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New Zealand South Island, 207 summer

Photo: New Zealand South Island
Shooting: 2017
+David Liu

+BTP Landscape Pro by +Nancy Dempsey, curated by +Nancy Dempsey +BTP Daily Highlights the Best Photo +Marina Versaci + BTP Editors' Choice (Top Photo page) + Marina Versaci + Barbara Manciulli + David Pilasky + Jean Michel Missri + Luc Thibau Photo + Photo Mania Australia + My Fav Pic of the Day + Dylan Cuffy + Artist, photographer, amateur or professional + Breakfast Art Club + ShowYourBestWork + Landscape Photography + MOTHER NATURE - beautiful and dangerous + Promote Photography + Belles photos + Good Light Photography + * + Soothing Photography + HQSP Landscape. + World Best Top Photographer Association

#australia #NewZealand #waterfalls #nature #landscape #WeeklyPhoto #goodlightphotographypage #landscapephotography #landscapephoto #pictureoftheday #originalcontent #ilovephotography #likes #water #showyourbestwork

PHOTO: New Zealand
Copyright: David Liu 2017

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After this fifth pick, one more regular postcard.

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Hiking on top of the world, in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada. (22 Sep 2012)

#hiking #JasperNationalPark #Alberta #Canada #CanadianRockies #travel 

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In tonight's Poem and a Postcard...

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Ironwood in the Grain

In the rain and
in the mist,
we have reasons
to believe,
there is
and intended
to deceive.

In the dark and murk
and storm
we find puzzlement
And whatever
may be true
nothing new
is found.

Ancient lies and
recent truths
entertain us
like before.

We want to think that
not fooled,
But we're just
as foolish,
maybe more.

For what little have
we learned
as years
by thousands
strut their stuff,
and we
swallow the
same lies,
delighted they sound
good enough.

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I remember a few days ago...

when my former home state and the rest of the Northeast received a nasty start-of-spring blizzard.

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Spring Storm this Morning, Colorado 

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Back to nature, three posts in.

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Red-orange paintbrush at Umbrella Falls, Mount Hood Meadows, Oregon. For a larger view of this waterfall photo, or to buy prints, visit
Enjoy! – Jerry

TAGS: #wildflowers #OregonLandscape #4kNatureVideo
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