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And so we say goodbye. Tomorrow, we get going on the crowdfunder, the raccoon adventure, and the Dossier spam check for once. (Speaking of its host, I'll have a bundle to clean up there too.) See you around...and toodles!
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That said, I'm giving the whole map a break for two days (road styling tests notwithstanding). And then we can start with the CBD.

Tomorrow, it's over to Fundly and Marigot.
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Basic degree work's down, down to the 15-minute (0°15') marks. Alas, the five -minute (0°05') ones will be a big handful when we get back to this layer. Dozens, in fact.
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Day 740

Already woke up to clear away our garbage; now to take care of those QGIS layers (with a little help from +Inkscape).

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Last one down. Unless there's something interesting out of the 12 I'll review in my device's G+ backlog shortly after.

(Via a +1 by milestone man +Kenneth Burchett)

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Aww ♡
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Looks so excited , I'm so happy for you
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At least three more posts for tonight, starting with this one. Who knows what book I might put that into?

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"I'm not telling you don't do it - I'm just saying it's a really bad idea. Sometimes bad ideas lead to the most awesome things."

- Me
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I'll also keep this handy during my Marigot sessions. Novices, take heed!

(Via a +1 by +Karen Woodward)

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Has your writing career gotten derailed? +Anne R. Allen shares 12 common detours writers often make, plus some great tips for getting back on track...

#amwriting   #writing   #writerslife   #writers  
by Anne R. Allen We writers tend to be a delusional lot. Most of us know the average writer doesn't make a bunch of money, but we secretly believe our own efforts will bring us fabulous fame and fortune. Or at least pay the ...
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But first, something that strongly reminds me of the Fundly campaign I'm still working on.

(Via +Katherine V)

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And so we end this run. At the stroke of midnight, time to watch something on the DVR for the first time in how many months (by my lonesome): The animated Transformers movie from 1986, as broadcast on +Hub Network during Independence Day. (Seeing it air on said station was that inevitable for starters; Hasbro operates it along with +Discovery Communications, as you pop-culture geeks should already know by now.)

Time to get the popcorn running. After this Late Movie, off to bed to get a headstart on tomorrow's important activity.

Till we meet again, diè wåde, ciao...and toodles!

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Two down, one to go.

(Via +Jack Goodwind)

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                Saint Marks Square Venice, Italy
                  Photograph by Mike McNally

#nightphotography   #venice   #square   #streetphotography   #italy  
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In case you're not quite sure, that's a Maori name--not Mandarin.

(Via +Jack Goodwind)

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"The Path to Hahei"

The late afternoon winter's sun warms the scene on the path down to Hahei Beach in New Zealand's Coromandel Peninsula...

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Responsible (through his Constitution Books imprint) for an Amazon-exclusive re-issue of Gadsby: Champion of Youth, a 1939 lipogram by Ernest Vincent Wright. Wrote an accompanying behind-the-scenes essay, Skipping Fifth, especially for this edition. (A revised version was published on February 23.)
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