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Finished Drawings  - 

After 2½ years of redo attempts from myself, and several recent requests from other furry contacts on G+...

Proudly introducing Samson Dixwell, boy raccoon wonder, Procyon lotor minor — all over again. With a brand-new face, better ears, and redesigned mask...but the same old shirt from last time. Previewed during the tail end of +Katherine Cook's hangout last night; now out in public for the first time. From the forthcoming children's novel Unspooled, and the two prequels currently in development at this writing.

Created between February 28 and March 8 on SketchBook X, across several sessions. HSB values: 0/0/25 (mask), 0/0/64 (upper mask), 0/0/85 (outer ears/rest of face), 0/0/75 (neck), 206/80/70 (outer pupils), 339/83/91 (inner ears), 0/0/0 (inner pupils/eyelashes/nose), 27/74/57 (shirt), 27/74/52 (collar).

Don't worry, folks. While not up for adoption, feel free to use him in any way you wish. (Permission for image-board upload is granted, as well.) Tutorial coming up in a matter of days; future artists, illustrators, and animators, I'm giving you something to learn from!

Enjoy what I've made, everyone...and I'll see you soon on Tsū!

(Original content in the Unspooled project—including the characters, various drafts/working notes, and this self-made piece of concept art—is available to the public domain worldwide under CC0 [+Creative Commons] and Kopimi [Piratbyrån].)

(For +Franck RABESON, +Jon Lim, +Jim the Otter+Jason [Professor Fennec], +Jacob Bridenbecker+Zack Casey, +Mikko Kai, +Fluffy the Wonderwolf, +Sarah Draws cartoons+Scarlet Kit Vixen+Sylvia Sotuyo+Gwenith Whitford, +Vandy Prince, +Larry Fournillier+Stewart Marshall+Anthony Deane, +Lisa Cohen, +Heather Dudley+Bliss Morgan, +R.J. Blain, +Gina Drayer, +MrsA Wiggins, +Aaron Crocco, +Linda Dean+Linda Lee Williams+Candace Mountain+Gregory Lynn+Eoghann Irving, +Nikola Sen, +KENNETH UDUT, and all the rest I don't have space to fit in.)

(And also for Cook's guests: +Ayeh Hyena+Rithesh Jayaram+ahniandfriends123, and +Randall Regis among others. Again, thanks for all the fun we had last night!)


Sam's got a tail to tell about, too:
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Congrats on the little fella's coming out!  He looks great.
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Along with +Samantha Cristoforetti (recommended by +Linda Dean), you'll also find +Astronaut Abby and +Chris Hadfield as part of the new Spaced Out circle. Again, afternoon's greetings from the Brass City!
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Starting things off with the next circle draw. Two names from the newest queue, and another two from the third queue. As picked by, the next ones for Fab 3 are:

+Manila Spoon (in queue #4)
+lex hamers (in queue #4)
+Adrian Covic (from Romania; in queue #3)
+Samantha Cristoforetti (German space girl; in queue #3)

Between Mr. Covic and Ms. Cristoforetti, wildcard +Susan Myers showed up. Still unsure whether to circle her; I'll keep an eye out. Otherwise, fine folks, welcome aboard on this fine Sunday afternoon!

As for the categories: Manila Spoon belongs in Bon Appétit; Hamers and Covic are among the Photographers; and Cristoforetti is the first member in a new group, Spaced Out.
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Day 1024

Afternoon again, folks. After putting up with a record 71 (!) notifications—screencap proof tomorrow—and after several days off (highlights from the Photographers aside)...time to get back to business. The carryovers can't wait, and nor can Unspooled.
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Taking another rest for the moment; head's still heavy. Back at the crack of dawn, when I resume with the circle draw and catch up with what passed me by (47 notifications as I type this) for the past two days or so. See you soon...and toodles!

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Two down from the Photographers, one to go.

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Waiting for the stars to come out... 
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Day 1023

Night once again, folks. Alas, I've had another headache since this morning, and the PC dozed off earlier on. As it stands, I can't be with you that much until daybreak tomorrow. Another three picks from the Photographers, and it's back to rest. Sorry for yet another day off; I'll take care of the carryovers as soon as possible.

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That USB installation didn't take long, did it? Come Monday, I'll phase out the old Gateway one and keep the +Hewlett-Packard​​ replacement.

Well, folks, that wraps up the start of this weekend. Back on the other side of midnight with the next circle draw, followed by the next two chess moves, the Unspooled work, and divers other carryovers. In addition, at least 41 notifications to read through.

This is your fellow Captain speaking. Till we meet again, it's diè wåde, ciao...and toodles!

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Last one down for tonight. Installing my new mouse on the admin side after I type this.

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That's where I would like to be right now ...
Funtanazza, Sardinia
© Karl Louis -

#funtanazza   #sardinia   #sardegna  
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Replacing +Nadine Tomlinson in my third circle queue (the +Dropbox copy, at least) with this next candidate. See you on Friday!
I am serializing my book, The Only City Left, here on G+ for Saturday Scenes, and also on Wattpad. Links and more info below the story, if you're interested. If you'd like to finish reading it sooner and/or support my work, please consider purchasing this book or one of my other works on Amazon:

Story begins here:
Chapter 2.2:

The Only City Left Chapter 2.3

I moved forward through room after room like this, each one telling the same story of cramped living and meager, decayed possessions. Every few rooms, doors opened on either side into slightly bigger living quarters.

This was the same hallway Scratch and I had been walking through since leaving the elevator, except this portion had been converted into makeshift dwellings. It seemed hard to believe someplace this empty had once been so full of life the residents couldn’t spare any space between their rooms.

As I walked through the accumulated junk they had left behind, I imagined the life they must have lived. The stench of so many bodies packed together. The cacophony of voices. Kids running and screaming. People eating, burping, farting. Everyone tripping over each other on the way to the bathroom or to work or whatever it was they did to fill their days.

My stomach tightened at the thought.

All that remained of those people was slowly disintegrating. Most of it was so far past its expiration date, it fell apart at a glance. Nevertheless, I kept an eye out for potentially useful artifacts, which is how I noticed a faint blue glow emanating from beneath a side door.

Anything still running under its own power after all these years was worth checking out. Some old tech—like the City itself—was built to last, and I prided myself on my ability to scavenge and repurpose those hidden gems. 

I kicked aside a bunch of gray, featureless stuffed toys piled in my way. One of them hit the floor with a thunk and let out a shrill laugh, startling me and making Scratch jump half out of his fur. Landing, he hissed and arched his back.

“Shuper Shmi wants to play,” the toy said in a warped, electronic voice that sent chills down my spine.

Scratch growled and pounced on the pile of ancient toys, tearing the stuffing out of each one in turn.

I left him to his work and pulled open the side door. Instantly, I wished I hadn’t. The blue glow didn’t come from a power source, but from a ghost sitting on the floor, rocking in place and humming to itself.

Its back was to me, but from its small frame and long hair, I pegged it as a little girl. My heart ached at the thought of this pitiful creature, all alone in that room for who knew how long. What kind of existence was that for a kid?

Furrowing my brow, I said, “Didn’t know you were here. Excuse me.”

She didn’t acknowledge my presence and I backed out of the room without another word, not wanting to disturb her more. I eased the door closed behind me.

Scratch had found and was gnawing on Shuper Shmi’s metallic heart, a tiny box that continued to beg for someone to play with it.

“Leave it alone, buddy,” I said. “It’s someone else’s toy.”

I moved on to the next room, checking once to make sure that Scratch was following. Not that I cared if he stayed behind or not. As far as I was concerned, life on my own was perfect. Look at what had happened to the fools in this sector. They spent their lives all crammed together and what was there to show for it? Nothing but ghosts and broken toys.

Scratch caught up to me and brushed against my leg. The poor thing was obviously rattled from his encounter with that old toy, so I stooped over and petted him behind his ears. He responded with a throaty purr, which returned some warmth to the lifeless room.

Warmth was in short supply in the sector. The further we traveled down the hallway of ramshackle rooms, the more ghosts we passed, each lost in their own universe of memories. I thought of Mom and Dad, dead now for three years, and thanked whatever gods were left that my parents hadn’t been converted when they died. It didn’t seem like a pleasant way to spend eternity.

The sheer number of ghosts in this sector was giving me the creeps. I was already pondering giving up and turning around when the next room I entered left me no choice. It was a dead end.

I slapped my palm against the far wall, where the next door should have been. Solid as rock.

The only other door in the room led to a tiny toilet/shower combo. The tile walls had yellowed and cracked with age. The floor was covered with rodent droppings and sagged beneath me when I took one tentative step inside. Scratch perked up at the evidence of nearby prey and shoved his face to the floor, his nose scrunched and his whiskers twitching as he snuffled around.

I was less excited.

“There’s got to be a side passage I missed along the way,” I said, and turned around to retrace my steps.

To my annoyance, two ghosts blocked the only exit to the room, a man and a woman. I could have walked right through them, but I hated the icy, slimy sensation.

I stood my ground and asked, “Hey, guys. Would you mind getting out of the way?”

I knew it didn’t matter if I was rude or polite, but it was worth a shot.

The female ghost moved.

Hey, it worked after all, I thought.

Except she didn’t move to the side.

She floated closer to me, staring me right in the eyes, and said, “You don’t belong here.”

To be continued next week.

Or, if you want to read along at a faster pace, I'm releasing the story 3x/week on Wattpad:

You can also pre-order Book 2 in this series, The Fifth House, due out May 11:

For other great free reads on a Saturday or any day, search for the #saturdayscenes  tag.
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Thanks for the share, +Dylan Cuffy.
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Last one down for tonight.

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Indonesia East Java (Privacy and protected my Panoramio picture)
landscape @ Batu Malang region
Click on the image to see the location
by, 蒂芙尼 林

#Indonesia #beautifulJava #EastJava #Photography #beautifulmalang #cityoftourism 
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One down from the Photographers tonight, two to go.

(Sent via my Galaxy Tab 3)
Foggy morning at Indian Well State Park in Shelton, Connecticut, USA.

My website ..

Sony A6000 + Canon 10-22mm + Fotodiox adapter
Shot at f/8 , ISO 100, 1/200Sec

+HQSP Landscape +BTP Landscape Pro +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS +LANDSCAPE Photos +Stunning Moment #LandscapePhotography +Landscape Photography +Margaret Tompkins +Kevin Rowe +Toshi Nakamura +Bill Wood +Tony Phillips +Jeff Beddow +Krzysztof Hanusiak +Dennis Hoffbuhr +Dave Gaylord +Doug Hagadorn +Eric Drumm +RJ Wilner 
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"It is not about what is good or what might be popular, it is about what I feel like sharing. It's simple that way."

Author, publisher, digital rights advocate, Web "nomad", and pop-culture geek (for hire) residing in Waterbury, CT; originally from the Commonwealth of Dominica. "Winner" of 2012's National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) with a project originally titled Marigot Magic, which now bears the name of Unspooled.

Responsible (through his Constitution Books imprint) for an Amazon-exclusive re-issue of Gadsby: Champion of Youth, a 1939 lipogram by Ernest Vincent Wright. Wrote an accompanying behind-the-scenes essay, Skipping Fifth, especially for this edition. (A revised version was published in February 2013.)
- setting up a QGIS map of Rogatia, the fictional Atlantic island country featured in the Sevton Saga (which itself is still in development);
- setting up the Dixwell Dossier, a Referata site dedicated to the Marigot Magic project.

Also on Bitcoin (albeit very infrequently), thanks to Fred Conez/(e)FREEZECONE on Empire Avenue. ID: 1CkSXjzcPQ559AtN9dE9GQwNgsuULeLihn.


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