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Woohoo! Edcamp is right around the corner. Any one have questions or thinking of things that we need to discuss ahead of time?

The next midmn meeting I have on my schedule is May 23rd and I won't be able to make it. If that date works for everyone else to meet, I think you should go ahead with it! If it doesn't work for other people we could look at a different date. 

Hello! I have it on my calendar that we are meeting today from 1-3:30. Is this correct? If so, where are we meeting?

I think we are ready to advertise and put registration out!! Anyone able to create a graphic we can use to help advertise?

Mannequin challenge for our 2017 EdCampMidMN video promotion?

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Is anyone interested in a road trip? 

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Here is the master document for the shared notes. Could a Sartell person fill in the room information?

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I missed the last meeting... Is there a list created with information for social media for each sponsor? If not, I have one started. If you were the contact for the sponsor please add the information. I went off of the spreadsheet, if your info wasn't on there you can add it to this doc. I am thinking this doc (or a different one if it has been created already) could be put on the website and else where to encourage people to tweet/facebook/instagram thank yous

I am looking to us a room in the St cloud area on August 5, for about 5 hours starting at 8:30 am. There could be up to 50 people and we will need tables and chairs. Free is best. Any recommendations ?

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Just adding to the donations sheet and wondering if Nearpod ever got back to you +Andrea Halverson and GoNoodle +Darin Swenson ?
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